Ellen DeGeneres Launches Cat Collection for PetSmart


Many pet owners dream of doing something so fantastic with their furry friends that they end up on the couch opposite Ellen DeGeneres.

Well, the TV host just made it a bit easier. After launching a collection of dog products for PetSmart earlier this year, DeGeneres has now created a line of goodies just for cats.

I felt I had to do it because my cats were livid when they found out I had a collection for dogs and not cats. Livid,” DeGeneres told PEOPLE about her motivation for the line.

ED Cat Collection

This cat collection covers all of a kitty’s needs from scratchers and toys to collars and beds, but among all these goodies there is one item that stands out to DeGeneres.

Probably the neckerchief because it’s adorable and it’s also a really fun word to say,” she said of her favorite piece.

ED Cat Collection

Overall, the goal behind every item is to help bring cats and their owners closer together.

“There were no cat accessories that matched perfectly with human accessories, and I feel I really cornered the market on that,” DeGeneres said of her collection filled with designs similar to what you see in human stores.

ED Cat Collection

Of course, she assured PEOPLE that all the products were given the kitty seal of approval. “They were part of every focus group we conducted. One ‘meow’ meant yes, two ‘meows’ meant no. Or they were just hungry. It’s hard to tell since they’re cats.”

ED Cat Collection

With the line out in stores now, DeGeneres refuses to call the collection “purrfect,” but is confident that felines will appreciate her handiwork. There is only one product she couldn’t figure out: “A device that lets them receive and respond to my texts. I can’t explain how badly I want that.”

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