Pissed Off Cat Swimming Through Hurricane Harvey Floodwaters Becomes Sassy Symbol of Resilience


Countless volunteers are lending their time to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The internet is filled with inspiring stories of people plunging into flood waters to save pets and filling their rescue boats with needy dogs.

And then, there is this cat.

This cat is handling the flooding on his own terms and he isn’t happy about it.

Photographer Scott Olson captured this deeply pissed off pussycat paddling through the water, and it didn’t take long for social networks to latch on to the cat.

The feline has now become an online poster child for resilience, adapting to adversity with strength, resolve and sass.

Many are also wondering what happened to this snarling fighter, Olson had this ending to offer:

Pissed off Hurricane Harvey cat, we hope you are happy, healthy and on land.


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