Tiger on the Loose in Georgia Killed by Police



A wild morning came to a tragic end on Wednesday in Henry County, Georgia.

According to 11 Alive, the Henry County Police Department first received calls about a large tiger prowling I-75 on Wednesday morning.

Officers responded to the calls and quickly located the animal. Once they had visual confirmation, the police called animal experts to help them sedate and move the tiger. Unfortunately, before the handlers arrived the tiger left the interstate and walked into a residential community, where it attacked a dog in the backyard of one of the residences.

Henry County Police Department

Henry County Police Department

Concerned that the tiger now posed a threat to others, the officers chose to fatally shoot the animal.

“With the tiger in close proximity to a school bus route in a densely populated area, officers made the decision to put the animal down with gunfire fearing that occupants of the home could be in danger as well as others in the area. Henry County Department of Natural Resources and Henry County Animal Control arrived on scene to remove the deceased tiger from the yard of the residence,” the Henry County Police Department said in a statement about the incident on Facebook.

The big question remains unanswered: Where did this tiger come from? The police and local animal control officials are working to find the answer. At first, officials thought the tiger could’ve escaped from a local animal sanctuary called Noah’s Ark, but all of its tigers are accounted for.

Anyone who has information on where this tiger came from is asked to contact the Henry County Police (770-288-8200), Henry County Animal Control (770-288-7387) or Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

As for the innocent dog caught in fray, he is expected to recover from the attack.


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