10 Pets Who Are Bigger Drama Queens Than You’ll Ever Be


“Don’t be such a drama queen!”

Pretty sure all of us have heard that statement once or twice in our lives. And in a lot of cases, well, let’s own it. It’s deserved.

Lucky for us, we humans don’t corner the market on being overdramatic. There are some pets out there that way out-drama anything you or I could pull off.

I’m not sure whether this affords me a defense when someone tells me I am the biggest drama queen on the planet, or if I should be offended that someone can out-drama me.

1. This dog looks like she’s lost her best friend because she has to wait 5 extra minutes for her walk because Mom can’t find her shoes. Seems like a legitimate reaction to me.

2. Human: Takes away string that could cause injury to cat. Cat: “I will kill you and everything you love.”

By: davdenic

3. When you haven’t had any attention in 5 whole minutes so you assume the “Goodbye, cruel world” pose.

4. This cat is all of us multiplied by 10 when watching any episode of GoT.

5. Parent tells you to go lie down, so your entire life becomes a black-and-white movie complete with violins in the background and sorrowful shadows.

By: perpetualsunset

6. Go for a walk when it’s too hot outside? Can’t even.

By: jow

7. Every mom and dad when their kid first gets a driver’s permit and they have to take him out for those all-important driving hours.

8. When your pet parent brings home fish, and you specifically asked for chicken.

9. This overly inflated hedgehog is every introvert when forced to interact with extroverts. I feel you, hedgie.

10. Pretending you’ve lost the ability to dog and just collapsing when you hear the word “bath.”

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