Kitten Stops Couple at Shelter and Asks Them To Be Her Humans…


A couple went to the shelter to look for a cat, but a kitten chose them instead.

Meet Luna!


As a cat lover, imgur user Indigochild11 had always wanted to get a new cat. So on her birthday, her boyfriend (imgur user bedronian) took her to a local shelter to look for a cat. As they walked through the kennels, a kitten caught their eyes.

The black and white fluffy kitty stopped the couple and started meowing and pawing at them. She stared into their eyes as if she was telling them to take her home.

“I immediately fell in love with Luna,” the woman said.


Luna trying to get their attention.

She greeted the man by gently tapping his hand with her paw.


Luna leaned against the cage for love and snuggles.


She couldn’t get enough of love!


When she was taken out of her cage Luna cuddled up to her human and wouldn’t let go.

The kitty had made her choice, and the couple couldn’t say no.


They filled out the adoption paper that day. It was the best birthday gift she’d ever had.

Before the kitten could go home with the couple, she needed her spay surgery. The couple returned to the shelter almost every day to hang out with their little fur child until the day they could take her home.


On her way to her forever loving home!


Luna settled right in after exploring around her new abode.

She is very pleased!


Luna walked up on her human while he was lying down.


She decided to take a nap on her human dad, her new favorite bed.


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