Kitty Who Was Called “Too Ugly” To Be Loved, Proves Those People Wrong!


A tiny kitty couldn’t find a home because of his unusual face. All his siblings had found homes, leaving him behind until a kind person came to him and saw just how beautiful he truly is.

Meet Romeo!

Santuario Compasion Animal

Romeo was a little ball of fur when Laura Llacer of the Santuario Compasion Animal (in Spain) rescued him from an uncertain fate.

“While we were on our way to a rescue, we ran into this kitten whose appearance was different from other cats and that’s why everyone rejected him,” the rescue said.

They told us nobody wanted him because he was ugly. But for us Romeo is a lovely little kitty who likes to play like the rest of the cats, and their differences make it special.”

Santuario Compasion Animal

Romeo was born with a deformity similar to Monty the cat. He is just like any other cats but with extra to love. “What we know is that he is the most loving kitten we have ever known.

That day little Romeo moved into his forever loving home at their animal sanctuary. He settled right in and loved every bit of his new life.

Santuario Compasion Animal

Romeo was found in a small village in Spain.

“People there may not understand that being different is not a problem…. We hope this will change by showing Romeo’s story that every animal wants/deserves to live,” the rescue said.

Santuario Compasion Animal

“Sweet dreams little Romeo. You’ll never be alone. You are precious and loved.”

Santuario Compasion Animal

As he grew in size, his coat also grew in length. This special little boy has a big heart!

One afternoon, they were looking everywhere for Romeo but couldn’t find him. Turns out, he was in the medical room keeping a a sick chicken company.

Santuario Compasion Animal

Now the beautiful ginger boy is living the life like a king! He spends his days playing and trying to get attention from volunteers at the sanctuary.

“Romeo watched us one afternoon from the roof of a stable while we were working,” the rescue said. “He is very clear that everything has to be perfect for rescued animals.”

Little supurrvisor!Santuario Compasion Animal

It’s been over a year since Romeo found his forever home. Now the handsome little boy runs the sanctuary like he owns it.

He’s blossomed into a little lion cat with a gorgeous mane and an incredible fluffy coat.

Santuario Compasion Animal

The cat who was once called “too ugly”, is showing the world what a beautiful little guy he truly is!

Romeo is handsome, and he knows it!

Santuario Compasion Animal

Watch this cute video:

Play with me meow!

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