Kitten Survived Massive Wildfire is Spotted on Burnt Hillside — Fire Crew Rushes to the Rescue…


A tiny gray kitten was spotted on a burnt hillside in Napa County, California after the devastating Atlas Fire, one of 14 wildfires simultaneously burning in several Northern California counties, swept through the area.

Many homes were destroyed, but the kitten somehow survived.

Truckee Fire Protection District

On October 17th, while Truckee Fire Engine 292 and Amador Fire Battalion Chief Aaron Watkins were working on the Atlas Fire, they noticed a kitten run across a burnt hillside and take refuge inside the foundation of a destroyed house.

“Knowing the land surrounding the foundation was still scattered with hot ash and burning roots, the crew knew it was best to do what they could to get the cat to safety,” Truckee Fire Protection District said.

Firefighters reached under the rubble through the gap and was able to pull the kitten out safely.

Truckee Fire Protection District

They wrapped up the kitten with a towel to help calm him down and gave the little guy some food and water as the kitten was dehydrated after the ordeal.

Getting some much-needed TLC from one of the crew members.

Amador Fire

“The kitten had minor burns and singed whiskers, but was overall doing well. It is now in the care of Napa Animal Control,” Amador Fire told Love Meow.

After getting the kitten help, the fire crew returned to the affected areas and continued providing support to the counties and communities of Solano, Napa and Sonoma.

Amador Fire

The little guy used one of his nine lives and survived the massive fire. Thanks to the firefighters, the kitten is now in recovery.

To these heroes, every life is worth saving!

Amador Fire

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