Cat Sits On His Very Own Stoop Every Day, Guarding the Neighborhood For Years!


A kitty has taken on an important role as the neighborhood watch cat, staying on his stoop every day, keeping his humans and neighbors safe :).

Meet Minkus!


Minkus is a fluffy tuxedo cat that is adored by everyone in the neighborhood. He has a stoop that he’s claimed as his own office. Every day he hangs out there, surveying the area and greeting everyone that walks by.

“He is well fed, very loved by his owners and the people on our block, and is quite cuddly,” Kate (@ktlljhnsn) said.

Minkus hops down to greet Kate when she comes by.


The neighbors have nicknamed him the Stoop Cat as he’s been very loyal to his stoop.

Minkus is on duty every day and he takes his job very seriously.


The sweet tuxedo boy is very laid-back and easy going. All he wants to do is sit on his stoop and watch the day go by.



Majestic Stoop Cat!

“He leaves my neighbors’ stoop and sits on my porch sometimes,” Kate said.


“I spent our first three years as neighbors trying to win his affection.”

Watch this cute video:

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