Kitten Rescued from Bangkok Highway by Motorcyclist


Warning: The video above is not for the faint of heart, especially not for the feline lovers among us. Luckily, despite the anxiety-inducing footage, the video has a happy ending.

In the clip, a newborn kitty somehow finds itself in the middle of a busy highway in Bangkok. Bikes and cars slow down and swerve to avoid the baby cat. One car even slowly rolls over it, and we had to pry our paws off our covered eyes to dare look at what comes next.

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Surprise! The tiny gray kitten is unharmed. At this point in the clip, a Good Samaritan on a motorcycle moseys on in and swiftly removes the young cat from its dangerous location.

The motorcyclist places the scared, mewing meower on the back of his bike and just like that, the world is a better, safer place.

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