Cat Reads Newspaper in Litter Box Photos


Can Baba Ganoush the cat get a little privacy, please?

Alas, if Baba’s owners left him to his own devices, he’d be spending an inordinate amount of time staring at a blank wall while concentrating on his purr-sonal hygiene.

Jarrod Krieger, Baba’s cat daddy, posted the photo of his current events-loving kitty to Reddit recently and the community loved it.

Jarrod Krieger

“Our daughters write a newspaper for Baba the cat to read while indisposed,” states the message attached to the image.

Krieger tells PEOPLE that his girlfriend, Lauren, got Baba when he was a kitten. The very focused feline is now 7 years old, and Krieger says, “Baba would love to be internet famous!”

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Well, Baba’s wish came true, but unlike the hero cats and other talented pets we see online, this kitty’s claim to fame is a bit more … crude. But it’s also hilarious, if not exactly adorable.

Krieger’s daughters, ages 10 and 12, got the idea to create a newsletter for their cat while “watching him stare at the wall while doing his business.” They were soon posting the news bulletins to that very same wall above his litter box, to hilarious effect.

“They have made a couple issues so far,” Krieger tells PEOPLE. “It started when we moved recently. Probably early fall.”

The proud pop says the newspaper is made by his daughters and full of the girls’ ideas. With headlines like “Hurricane Puma Strikes Again,” “Miss Fluffy Won the Pageant” and “Pawlitics Update,” we wouldn’t be surprised to hear Baba’s been spending extra time in his box lately — reading, of course.

Commenters on the site find the situation hysterical, too.

“Give your daughters a Purrlitzer,” writes the official Washington Post account.

Fake news be damned, this funny feline and his loving family have clearly won the Internet.

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