Twinkle Tush Cat Butt Cover


Cats have no shame, a fact made clear by felines’ frequent, proud displays of their rear ends.

Unlike humans, kitties are not required to cover up their naughty bits in a public space, leaving owners and guests with plenty of unwanted opportunities to stare at the bit of kitty that can be found right below the tail … until now.

Censorship has reached the cat world thanks to Twinkle Tush, which promises to keep your cat’s booty “veiled and safe.” The simple invention is just a bracelet that goes around your cat’s tail, allowing the Twinkle Tush’s pendant to hang down and cover any offensive anatomy.

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It’s the perfect present for the feline fanatic in your life — as a gag gift. As Twinkle Tush makes clear on its website, it’s not looking to oppress cats or their bodies, just to have a little fun.

You can buy this sparkly prank for the cat person in your life for a low price that is sure to provide maximum laughs.

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