Kitten Saved from Shelter Finds New “Brother” Who Looks Just like Him, He Becomes Very Attached


A little tabby kitten was saved from death row in the nick of time and given a new feline brother who looks just like him.

Meet Unagi!


In June, Unagi the kitten ended up at an animal control center in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan in need of rescue.

“I saw from a website by chance during my work break that a kitten who looks exactly like my cat, Suzume, was at the animal center. Kittens can only stay there for one week,” Suzume’s human mom said.

On June 26, which was the deadline for the kitten, she took a day off from work and hit the road at 4:30AM to Yamaguchi to rescue the kitten. After a trip to the vet, Unagi was taken to his new home. He was very scared after the long ordeal and stayed in the carrier for some time.

“He was 2.5 months old and weighed 860 grams, a bit bigger than Suzume when I got him.”


Just like the little kitten, Suzume was also rescued. When he heard meowing coming from the living room, he came running. They greeted each other from a distance.

Their humans gave both kitties their space so they could be properly introduced. During that period, Suzume came by often to check on the newcomer and curiously wanted to know everything about him.


Once the kitten was cleared medically and the two became familiar with each other’s scent, they started to interact more each day.

Soon, Onagi followed Suzume everywhere around the house. When the older kitty was resting on top of a shelf, the little one would try to climb up to snuggle with him.


The little brother is very persistent about being in the same place as Suzume no matter how tight the space may be.

He squeezed himself into the bowl so he could cuddle with his best friend.


Suzume tolerates his overly attached brother’s every antic and grooms and looks out for him like a big brother would.

Unagi finds Suzume in a basket… naturally he wants in, too!


In just a few weeks, the two became inseparable friends.

“There’s no such thing called privacy!” says Unagi.


They do everything together. Suzume shows his little brother the ropes around the house.

Watching little fishies and planning their next mischief!


They adore each other.

Suzume was rescued when he was little. Perhaps he understands just what the little guy needs – love and a family.


Though they are from different mothers, they have very similar markings and look almost identical.


Unagi found a little hidey spot and shared it with his brother.


Mandatory baths every day!

Unagi is the happiest he can be when he has his brother by his side.


The little kitten has grown by leaps and bounds since June.

They are together every second of the day.


When they spot a little moving red dot…

Unagi loves Suzume!

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