Shy Cat Meets Overly-attached New Kitten Who Is Determined to Get Her to Love Him


Nelly the cat was a bit shy and never liked other kitties, but when she met an overly-attached new feline brother, Gilbert, things began to change.

Nelly & Gilbert The Cats @missenell

Nelly, two years old, had always been a single cat. She did not like visitors and would run away and hide from them.

“Slowly, it became better, but she was still very shy,” Missenell told Love Meow.

The family decided to get Nelly a buddy to play with, and perhaps, the new kitty would encourage her to be more outgoing. That’s when they found Gilbert the kitten who is a little spitfire, full of energy.

Nelly & Gilbert The Cats @missenell

Early this year, Gilbert moved into his new home, and right away he took a liking to Nelly.

“Gilbert definitely made the first move. He was a kitten and not shy at all. In the beginning, Nelly didn’t really like him. She would climb up her cat tree where he couldn’t reach.”

Nelly & Gilbert The Cats @missenell

But the little feline brother wouldn’t take no for an answer. He followed her around the house and would wait for her to come down to his level so he could force her into playing with him. The persistent little guy was so eager to be her friend.

Even when Gilbert was not feeling well, he wouldn’t stop trying to win her over.

Nelly & Gilbert The Cats @missenell

A couple weeks later, Nelly had a change of heart. She decided that she would accept her little brother and took him under her wing.

“They started to sleep together, play together, and she even began to care for him like a big sister would, and help him if he couldn’t climb up the cat tree,” Missenell told Love Meow.

Nelly & Gilbert The Cats @missenell

Gilbert was the happiest he’d ever been, learning things from his best friend, and Nelly also began to open up more.

The two are now partners in crime. They like to play-fight and create mischief around the house.

Nelly & Gilbert The Cats @missenell

“They can be loving each other one moment, and then suddenly it turns into fighting for the best place on the cat tree, but it always ends up good where they share the spot they both wanted.”

Sharing the sink together!

Nelly & Gilbert The Cats @missenell

“Nelly is the boss at our home. She puts Gilbert in place if there is something she doesn’t want him to do. Gilbert is an adventure kitty. He loves to meet new people (the opposite of Nelly).”

Breakfast time!

Nelly & Gilbert The Cats @missenell

Exploring kitchen cabinets.

Nelly & Gilbert The Cats @missenell

Just hangin’!

Nelly & Gilbert The Cats @missenell

Mischievous little Nelly!

Nelly & Gilbert The Cats @missenell

Gilbert learns to do the same trick.

Nelly & Gilbert The Cats @missenell

The two are now inseparable friends.

Nelly teaches Gilbert to calm down, and Gilbert helps his best friend to be more outgoing and adventurous. They are purrfect for each other!

Nelly & Gilbert The Cats @missenell

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