7 Brushes That You Should Consider For Your Shorthaired Cat

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Some breeds – especially those with long hair – definitely need a helping human’s hand. Think that most shorthair cats can take good care of their coat on their own? You’re actually right, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t groom that beautiful fur. After all, there are 7 Reasons Why You Really Should Groom Your Cat Regularly among them bonding, stress-relief and taking the opportunity to perform a quick physical checkup.

Grooming sessions should be enjoyable and relaxing. In this article, we’ll cover a few grooming tools that will hopefully help you achieve a gentle touch that your cat will enjoy and welcome. Choosing the best brush for your cat may take some experimenting. As the saying goes, different strokes for different cats! You may need to try several options before finding the one which “hits the spot” with your kitty.

This double-sided brush offers two options: gentle nylon bristles for a more tender touch on one side, and a set of rounded wires on the other. It’s great for cats with medium length coats that may benefit from rotating between different levels of brushing intensity.
Cat Combo Brush With Reinforced Wire And Nylon BristlesWith its soft pad and flexible thin pins, this brush is generally gentle enough for shorthaired kitties as long as you control the amount of applied pressure.

From our reviews section:
– “My cats love to be brushed and this slicker brush is very gentle on the skin.”

Miracle Coat Cat Slicker BrushThis brush is made entirely of rubber. Some cats like the effect of its dense short rubber pins on their body. It does look a bit like a huge tongue, doesn’t it?

From our reviews section:
– “It does not take off a lot of hair but for a shorthair cat it does capture some of the loose hair and my cats love it. It must feel good.”

Miracle Coat Premium Curry Pet BrushWhen you use this brush, the evenly spaced rubber pins create a unique massaging effect. It’s like having 32 tiny fingers gently weave their way through your cat’s coat. The manufacturer says that short, quick strokes will remove dirt and debris while long, flowing strokes will smooth the coat and massage the skin.Safari Cat Massage Brush With Rubber PinsThe Zoom Groom is a popular choice with many owners. Its unique design offers thick long rubber spikes that are evenly spread across the cat-shaped base. Some consider it to be more of a massage tool than a brush but it does collect at least some dead hair and excess oils.

From our reviews section:
– “Like a kitty massage. Gets some loose fur off of a short hair cat. Good for kitty bellies.”

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Some cats just don’t like brushes. They may be ok with a grooming glove though, such as this one. The spikes are small, making this a possible solution for cats with sensitive skins.Pet Massage Grooming Brush GloveAmazon reviewers love the Groom Genie with its 4-inch-long base. It has bristles in three different lengths for combing, brushing and massaging all at once. According to reviews, this brush is a hit even with cats that don’t usually appreciate being groomed.Multipet Genie Cat Grooming Brush

Care to tell us about your cat’s favorite brush? Leave us a comment here, start a thread in the Cat Care & Grooming Forum or add your review in the product page!

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