5 Ways to a Colorful Litter Box


If you live with a cat, then you live with a litter box. You can try to hide it, ignore it, make it fade away,  but it’s still there. So here’s a new idea – celebrate it! Why not make it fun and aim for a colorful litter box instead?

1. Colorful Litter Boxes

Let’s start with the litter box itself. Basic boxes usually come in neutral colors. Look for a stylish box in a designer accent color. You can find almost every color in bright or pastel, covered or uncovered, top entry or front entry. Pick one that works for both you and your cat.

Look for the Modkat litter box at modkat.com

Igloo Box.

Peek at this Igloo Box at more-pets.com.

Vicci litter box.

Uncover the Vicci litter box at unitedpets.it.


Check out the Poopoopeedo at shopmeoow.com.

2. Bright litter scoops

Think of litter scoops like throw pillows: an inexpensive and easy way to add a splash of color to your décor or to change things up. Actually, with all the options available, you could match your litter scoop with your throw pillows!


Scoop these up at litter-lifter.com.

Bright scoops and holders at unitedpets.it.

Bright scoops and holders at unitedpets.it.


Run down this scoop at shopmeoow.com.

3. Colorful litter

And don’t forget about the actual litter! There are some new colored cat litters available, made with nontoxic dyes that won’t come off on your cat’s fur. You can even mix multiple colors or create “litter art.” Just for fun, kind of like the icing on the cake!

Neon Litter.

A rainbow of colors awaits at ultrapet.com.

4. Multi-colored mats

Litter mats are a great way to add some flair to your cat’s litter box area. Bright colors and fun shapes make a fashion statement while helping reduce litter tracking.

Pad on over to unitedpets.it for these colorful mats

Pad on over to unitedpets.it for these colorful mats


Find fun litter mats at catsrule.com.

5. DIY litter screen

Here’s a fun DIY project that can add some color and a little privacy to your cat’s litter box. I used sheets of corrugated plastic to create a litter screen, adding colorful flower decals on the outside. The screen hides the litter box from view but still leaves plenty of room for your cat to feel comfortable in the box. Plus, if you add a hook inside the screen, you have a place to hang the scoop.

DIY Litter screens.

DIY Litter screens. Photography via From Catify to Satisfy, by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin.

DIY litter screens.

Behind DIY litter screens. Photography via From Catify to Satisfy, by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin.

Kate Benjamin has been writing about feline design since 2007 and is co-author with Jackson Galaxy of two New York Times best-selling books, Catification and Catify to Satisfy. Get more of Kate’s feline design tips at hauspanther.com.

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