How Well Do You Speak Cat?


The only one you marked me wrong on was “rub my tummy”.  But trust me – I know many cats expose their tummies as a sign of trust, not inviting touching, but MY cat really DOES mean “please rub my tummy”, and I do it often. You have to learn the language of your own cat. So I figure I got 100% on this quiz.

Incidentally I visited a leopard at the Asheboro NC zoo once, and I did the slow blink at her. And she blinked back. I felt so hono(u)red.

I read with amsuement about how humans might communicate with aliens if we ever come into contact.  Heck I communicate with  an alien every day and we get on pretty well and I think we love each other.  Sometimes when I appear to her to be stupid it’s because I know exactly what she wants but it’s not good for her.  Try explaining that to an alien!  So our communication is not perfect but our mutual love is.  At the moment Amber the Red is legs in the air around the back of my laptop, scrabbling round the sides, having been frustrated at not being allowed to sit on my keyboard, which she does all the time when I forget to close the top down. I now have to get off my computer now she has appeared round both sides 6 times in the last two minutes!

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