Himalayan Cats Found Outside Store with a Note, Get Help In Time for the Holidays


Three “lion” kitties were found outside of a pet supply store with a note.

The kind folks from a Chicago rescue group took them in so they could get a second chance at life and a warm home for the holidays.

CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation

Three cats were found abandoned outside the store earlier this week. The local police were contacted and they came to collect the shy kitties.

While the trio was staying at the police station, The Critical Animal Relief Foundation (a Chicago rescue group, dedicated to helping animals in critical need) learned about their plight and immediately offered to take them.

Here’s the note they found along with the three felines:

“I’m sorry, Please take care of them. I couldn’t find a home for them. Can you please find one for me? Thank you.”

CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation

“We went and picked them up. The police department that had them was really happy because it’s hard for them to place cats,” CARF told Love Meow.

After getting the kitties safely into their care, they began their search for a foster home.

CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation

The three boys were so timid that they huddled up against each other for comfort.

Volunteers took turns to feed them, play with them and keep them company.

CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation

In less than one day, their eyes went from being worried to content. They were no longer trying to hide in the corner and were happy to see their human friends for attention and love.

“The little orange one is Simba (six months old). The brown tabby is Timon (about 1-2 years). And then the big orange is Mufasa and he’s about three years. We’re thinking he may possibly be the father of the younger one. Simba looks up to Mufasa for guidance,” CARF told Love Meow.

CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation

CARF got the boys neutered and vetted on Friday, then a volunteer transported them to their foster home where there would be plenty of good food, warm beds, gifts and love awaiting them.

The kitties just moved in with their foster family last night. In no time, they came out of their shells and ran around the place like they owned it.

So floofy!CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation

“Foster reports this morning that they are actually seeking out attention from her and getting a whole lot more comfortable already,” CARF told Love Meow.

The three boys are loving their new abode.

CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation

“What a difference a couple of days makes! Our lion boys are getting their ‘sea legs’ in their foster digs and already look a lot more relaxed!”

Mufasa the majestic cat has already claimed the Cat TV.

CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation

Share this story with your friends. If you are interested in adopting these kitties, click here for more info. Follow CARF on Facebook. If you would like to support their rescue efforts, click here to see how you can help.

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