Senior Citizen Knits Blankets for Shelter Cats


Emma Eng is here to prove that true love for animals has no expiration date. There is a way you can care for needy creatures, no matter your age.

For 93-year-old Eng this means a lot of knitting. According to KING5, Eng put her knitting needles together in late 2017 and set to work making cozy blankets for the adoptable cats of Seattle Humane in Bellevue, Washington.

By New Year’s Day, she had carefully and lovingly crafted over 40 blankets for the homeless felines patiently awaiting their forever families.

This thoughtful project has created a noticeable mood shift in the shelter’s feline residents.

“They’re pleasure. They’re warmth. They’re everything,” Melody Stone, Adoption Manager at Seattle Humane, told KING5 about what the blankets mean to the cats.

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Along with feeling the feline love, Eng has benefitted from this project in other ways.

“It’s something to do. It keeps my hands busy and my brain engaged,” she said of the work, which she does at Bellettini Retirement community.

Eng has not had a chance to visit Seattle Humane yet, but plans to drop in soon to see just how many purrs her blankets have produced.

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