Qoobo Pet Robot, Pillow with a Wagging Tail


Pets heal your soul and your body — science has the numbers.

But the responsibility of caring for a creature other than yourself isn’t a fit for everyone. Sometimes allergies, mobility, apartment rules and a number of other factors stand in the way of bringing a fluffball into your life.

Qoobo wants to change that. The company created a headless pet robot (basically a pillow with a tail) that they call a “therapeutic robot in the form of a cushion” to bring joy and healing to those who can’t have an animal of their own.

Like a loving pet, the Fraken-pillow responds to your touch, wagging its lone appendage when you scratch it in just the right spot. Spoiler alert: this pillow is one large “right spot.”

While the idea of giving a pillow (that is not your life-sized Robert Pattison Twilight body pillow from middle school) any kind of affection may seem odd, Qoobo claims giving love to the product will pay off.

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Similar to how the purring of a lap cat or the encouraging paw of a loyal dog can lower stress levels, this pillow is said to create comparable results in petless people. They have dubbed it “tail therapy” to heal your heart.

The cushion comes in two colors and retails for $92. The product isn’t currently available, but thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, it is being released in the fall. If you need a little tail wag in your life, you can preorder yours now.


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