Cat Falls Asleep to Warmth of a Heater Every Day During Winter in These Adorable Photos.


Every winter this cat will sit by a warm heater in the living room, dozing away.

His name is Busao!

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Eight years ago, Ryuji Tan from Japan found a stray cat wandering around the streets of Ibaraki. He couldn’t stand seeing him living without food and shelter, so brought him home and made him part of his family.

“When it’s cold, we use the heater every day to warm up,” Ryuji told Love Meow. “He will sit beside the heater and fall asleep.”

From the first winter Busao spent with his family till now, he has never missed a time getting huddled up to the heater, feeling the warmth. [Scroll down for video]

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The comfortable heat hugs him like a glove and Busao eventually drifts off into a slumber.

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He puts his paws on the rim of the heater to get closer to the warmth.

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He’ll sit there until he falls asleep. The power of warmth!

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Busan is happily asleep, feeling warm and comfy.

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Now at nine years old, some things never change.

Busao hogs the heater like he always does. Even his humans and canine friend have to wait.

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Comfy and warm!

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Napping with a heater nearby on a winter day makes him a very happy and satisfied kitty.

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Watch Busao and his favorite heater in this cute video:

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