Find Out If Your Cat Is Left or Right-Handed


You might not notice it, but your cat favors a paw.

Just like humans, cats are left- and right-handed, preferring one paw over the other when it comes to going down stairs, grabbing food and other activities.

According to National Geographic, a recent study on paw favoritism also found, again, like humans, male cats tend to be left-handed more often than females, who are mostly righties.

“We think this difference is linked to sex hormones,” Deborah Wells, a psychologist at Queen’s University Belfast and lead author of the study, told National Geographic.

For the study, Wells and her colleagues spent three months observing 44 cats (20 females, 24 males) at their homes in Northern Ireland. Throughout what might be the cutest research period ever, the team kept track of what paws the cats used to first step into the litter box, first take a step down the stair, recline and reach for food in a plastic feeder.

After the research was complete, Wells and her team found that almost 75 percent of the cats had an obvious paw preference, with most of the girls favoring their right paw and most of the guys favoring their left.

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To figure out whether your own cat is left-handed or right-handed, National Geographic suggests being observant and looking at the same natural actions that Wells and her team monitored. After watching your kitty closely for a few weeks, it should become clear what paw they favor for natural behaviors like reclining, grabbing and climbing.

You may find that your cat is a bit ambidextrous when it comes to play and other activities, but chances are there is a righty or lefty urge dominating most of your cat’s movements.


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