2 Dogs Try to Win a Calico Kitten’s Heart and Become Her Protective Bodyguards.


Two canine buddies tried to win the heart of a little unlikely friend.

Meet Cleo the kitten!


A few months ago, Cleo came to her new home where she was introduced to two canine members of the family – Oden the Golden Retriever and Aksel the Labrador.

Cleo settled in quickly and was not shy about showing off her sass. She soon found her place in the house as their feline overlord.

Oden the big softie took a liking to the kitten and even tried to offer her his favorite toy.


“He decided her toy wasn’t enough and brought his favourite over – a sock. He loves his little sister,” Imgur user twodogsandakitty said.

Oden trying to win the little calico over with a kind offering!


The day after their first meeting, their humans woke up to little Cleo snuggled up to her Goldie brother.

Oden was over the moon when Cleo accepted his love and cuddles.


Oden became Cleo’s bodyguard, but he is not the only one.


Aksel, Oden’s best buddy, also fell head over heals for the little kitten.

“They all have their own beds, yet insist on all trying to cram into the one cage,” the family said.


Growing up with two canine brothers, Cleo thought she was part puppy.

“Don’t need a bed when you’ve got a brother.”


Aksei adores his feline sister and makes sure that she’s never alone. They are often seen cuddling with each other during nap time.


Snuggles make Cleo a very happy kitty!


All grown up now!

Cleo is full of sass and cattitude! She knows who is in charge in the house.


“She definitely rules the roost,” they said.

The kitty has two loyal, protective canine brothers aka her forever bodyguards.


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