Man Saves Cat From the Streets and Searches for Hours to Find Her Kittens.


A man rescued a stray cat, who had been wandering on the streets of Las Vegas.

When he found out that the cat had kittens living somewhere outside, he raced back to find her babies.

Ellen Richter @foster_kitten_tails

Three months ago, Duff, a rescuer from a local Trap-Neuter-Return group, C5, found the stray on the city streets. He took her to a spay/neuter clinic and was later told that the cat had been nursing, and her kittens needed to be rescued.

“The doctor told him that there were babies somewhere, so the troops were brought in for searching,” Ellen Richter, fosterer of Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions, told Love Meow.

They rushed back to the area where they found the cat and began the search.

Ellen Richter @foster_kitten_tails

Duff and several other rescuers refused to leave that night until they got the kittens to safety.

“They searched for hours, finally found the kittens hidden in a neighbor’s yard in a pile of wood,” Ellen told Love Meow.

Ellen Richter @foster_kitten_tails

They reunited the kittens with their cat mama and stayed up at 3AM caring for them until they could find them a foster home.

They named the mama Portia and the three kittens Persia (white), Palma and Paris.

Ellen Richter @foster_kitten_tails

When Ellen was contacted about the feline family needing a foster home, she immediately stepped up to help.

After many sleepless nights, she nursed the kittens back to health and helped the cat mama learn to trust.

Ellen Richter @foster_kitten_tails

One of the kittens crossed the rainbow bridge due to a hereditary condition, but the other two tabbies thrived.

Mama Portia was very shy at the beginning, trying to hide in a cabinet but she let Ellen help her care for her kittens. Slowly but surely, Portia started to come around.

Ellen Richter @foster_kitten_tails

A month later, Portia decided to show affection and even ask for attention.

“She was warming up to me, rubbing my legs begging me to pet her,” Ellen said.

Ellen Richter @foster_kitten_tails

Palma and Paris grew by leaps and bounds.

They became an inseparable pair.

Ellen Richter @foster_kitten_tails

“Paris is coming to terms that he has a permanent goatee.”

Ellen Richter @foster_kitten_tails

Two weeks ago, Portia found her forever home with a young woman, and they were already cuddling on her adoption day.

“She went from living outside in a dump yard, having who knows how many litters, to living the good life.”

Ellen Richter @foster_kitten_tails

The two kittens are heading to their new home tomorrow. They will spend the rest of their lives together with a loving family.

“This is what fostering is all about,” Ellen said.

Ellen Richter @foster_kitten_tails

Mama and her proud kittens.

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