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There is no limit to food and pet holidays, and now they are joining forces.

According KABC, since Sunday was National Drink Wine Day and Tuesday is National Love Your Pet Day, a couple of clever companies are merging the two together to create National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week. and are both celebrating the long holiday, which runs Monday to Friday, by offering special deals that cat-loving wine drinkers will adore.

Of course, while it’s fun to indulge in a glass of wine in the company of your feline, it is dangerous to serve your cat wine crafted for humans. Alcohol consumption is unsafe for any pet.

Luckily, there is such a thing as cat wine, a non-alcoholic beverage designed for kitties that looks like wine but is actually made of catnip and other natural ingredients like fish oil and beet juice. This means you and Fluffy can both toast each other this holiday week.

Here are four cat wines to stock up on so your kitty can enjoy National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week and the final season of Scandal with you.

Mëow and Chandon Rosé

Created by the company that brought you this unique holiday week, this feline-friendly rosé is packed with catnip, salmon oil and organic food coloring. The fish oil will keep your cat healthy while the catnip will keep them silly.

Price: $14.95

Pinot Meow

This Apollo Peak cat wine, available on Amazon, is crafted with organic beets and natural herbs, a mixture that is guaranteed to make your cat curious.

Price: $8.03


Another Pet Winery creation, this white cat wine is also made with catnip and salmon oil.

Price: $11.67

Wine Me Up Catnip Toys

For those kitties who aren’t drinkers, there’s this adorable substitute. Like the wines above, this product contains catnip, but in solid form.

Price: $14.95

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