Couple Went to Adopt a Kitten – When They Saw His Brother, They Couldn’t Leave Him There.


A couple went to adopt a kitten but couldn’t leave his brother there when they found out just how close they were.

Supplied by Grace Serena

Last Tuesday, Grace Serena and her boyfriend, Jake, went to an adoption center in Menai, Australia, hoping to give a cat a forever home.

“We researched on the RSPCA (NSW) website and Marlow’s beautiful little face popped up and we found that he was located not even 10 minutes away from us,” Grace told Love Meow.

The couple made a trip to visit little Marlow. When they were taken to see him, they noticed another tabby in the same kennel and were immediately drawn by the bond they shared.

“We walked inside and they were laying in their cage with their paws wrapped around one another. They immediately hopped up and prodded their paws through the caging to reach out to us. They were not only affectionate but incredibly eager to get out of their small confines.”

Supplied by Grace Serena

The feline brothers were found as strays by a member of the public, and they had always been inseparable. The couple spent some time playing with both kittens. Wherever Marlow went, his brother Mittens followed.

“I had Marlow in my arms and Jake had Mittens in his, and although they were showing us extreme amounts of affection they were still looking at one another and attempting to make their way back to each other,” Grace told Love Meow.

Supplied by Grace Serena

Grace ended up sitting on the floor with both kittens on her lap. Right away, Marlow and Mittens started purring in perfect harmony and became more relaxed around their human friends.

“Jake was absolutely insistent that they were not to be separated. After much deliberation, we decided it was either no cats or both cats, and… no cats is never a good idea.”

Supplied by Grace Serena

That day, the two brothers left the adoption center and headed to their forever home together. After exploring around their new abode, they felt right at home.

“They have claimed the office chair, the fluffiest pillows and the laundry mat as their sleeping pads,” Grace told Love Meow.

Supplied by Grace Serena

“Both kittens are extremely affectionate, adore cuddles and want nothing more than to spend time with ‘their humans.’ They prefer the company of each other over toys. They hype each other up and wrestle and then fall asleep with their paws wrapped around one another.

“They have a bond that I have never witnessed between another two animals.”

Supplied by Grace Serena

Marlow and Mittens are never away from each other – like two peas in a pod.

“The pair loves to sit at the window and watch the cars driving down the street. They love to sit at the highest spots they can reach and observe everything going on below them,” Grace told Love Meow. “If one goes to get a drink of water, the other follows.”

Supplied by Grace Serena

The couple went to the adoption center to find a cat, but ended up being chosen by two kitties.

“I couldn’t be happier with our decision to adopt them both… They have brought us so much joy, laughter and happiness.”

Supplied by Grace Serena

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