5 Small Cat Breeds That Prove Good Things Come in Small Packages


Love cats but enjoy their tiny kitten stage the most? Then you’ll swoon over these small cat breeds — all of which stay fun size forever! Let’s meet a few right here.

1. Singapura

Singapuras only reach 4 to 8 pounds, which makes them top of the list for small cat breeds. Photography ©krissiLundgren | Thinkstock.

If a forever kitten is what you’re after, then your search stops at the Singapura. Tipping the scales at a whopping 4 to 8 pounds (yes, you read that right!), the Singapura retains the size and playfulness of a kitten long into adulthood. As curious as they come, this breed thrives on adventure and play — batting balls down the hall, climbing curtains and even hitching a ride on his human’s shoulder!

Despite his on-the-go nature, the Singapura loves playing the lap cat part, and will never miss an opportunity to take care of you when you’re feeling under the weather. Fun fact: The Singapura’s size isn’t the only small thing about him — he also has a teeny-tiny voice that definitely contrasts with his larger-than-life presence!

2. Munchkin

A munchkin calico cat.

Munchkin cats have adorably short legs. Photography by Linn Currie / Shutterstock.

The Munchkin is to the cat world what the Dachshund is to the canine community: a stubby-legged furball worthy of all of the heart eyes! The result of a genetic mutation, the short legs seen on the Munchkin stem from an autosomal dominant gene which cause the long bones in her legs to grow shorter, giving her a kitten-esque look and irresistible gait. Weighing between 5 and 9 pounds, the shortest Munchkin on record stood a mere 5.25 inches from paw to shoulder!

Believed to have earned her Munchkin moniker from Frank L. Baum’s The Wizard of Oz, do not allow her small size to fool you — she is one wild child with a need for speed, and a passion for play. Sure, she may not be able to leap as high as leggier kitties, but she resembles a furry race car when she zooms around corners and turns heads when she sits up on her hind legs!

3. Cornish Rex

A Cornish Rex cat.

A Cornish Rex is a small-breed cat that only reaches 6 to 10 pounds. Photography by Okssi / Shutterstock.

An ancestor of the Siamese, the Cornish Rex is a magical creature with a curly coat reminiscent of the Marcel hairstyle adored by flappers in the 1920s. Established in Cornwall (King Arthur’s birthplace!), the Cornish Rex looks regal and refined, but he’s a jokester with a love for being front and center at all times — charming his captive audience with his retrieving and vaulting skills.

Though leggy and lithe, the Cornish Rex has a standard weight of 6 to 10 pounds, and, like the Singapura, maintains his kitten-like ‘tude through adulthood. He loves to give kisses and verbally share his opinions but he’s also constantly on the move, so be prepared for an active, animated companion. Fun fact: the Cornish Rex has long toes that allow him to open cabinets and doors in a jiffy — so make sure you keep your most prized possessions under lock and key!

4. American Curl

An American Curl cat.

American Curls are known as the Peter Pans of the cat world. Photography ©Life on white | Alamy Stock Photo.

Known as the ‘Peter Pan’ of the cat world due to her forever-young, never-grow-up-persona, the American Curl is a curious kitty who loves to be in the thick of things — but will never boss you around. Despite her small stature (she weighs between 5 and 10 pounds), she is often referred to as a gentle giant because of her people-loving personality. American Curls seek out the companionship of even children!

Adept at turning doorknobs, the American Curl has caught the eye of feline fanciers because of the sassy shape of her ears. But even without that striking curl, she quickly captures hearts with a single head bump! Fun fact: at birth, the American Curl sports straight ears, however, they begin to curl back within 2 to 10 days. The ears continue a curl, uncurl pattern for weeks before they reach their permanent shape at about 4 months of age!

5. Devon Rex

A Devon Rex cat.

Devon Rex cats are another small cat breed. Photography by insonnia/istock.

Let’s add another Rex — the Devon Rex or the Devonshire Rex — to the roster! Not to be confused with his (very) close relative the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex shares the same genetic makeup, home country and wee size (between 5 and 10 pounds) as the Cornish, but became a member of the cat community a full decade later! Named after his birthplace of Devonshire, and coat texture mirroring that of a rex rabbit, the Devon Rex is a human-like companion with a love for people.

His preferred perch is on the shoulder of his favorite person, but he’ll welcome attention from just about anyone he encounters. Mischievous and agile, the Devon Rex seeks the warmest spot possible (typically nestled under the covers) and will join you at the dining room table at mealtimes. A word of warning: he is quite the snacker and will quickly pack on the pounds if his food intake isn’t carefully monitored.

The bottom line on small cat breeds

Two American Curl cats looking up.

Two American Curl cats. Photography ©Life on white | Alamy Stock Photo.

Still set on adding one of these small cat breeds to your humble abode? Purrrfect. Despite their miniature size, small cat breeds are anything but delicate — they’re every bit as hearty as their large cat breed counterparts. The thing you do have to keep in mind? Their energy levels! These five small cat breeds will run circles around you and then some, so be prepared to keep up with their paws of fury!

Thumbnail: Photography © Seregraff | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

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