Woman Saves a 2-Nosed Cat While Other Shelters Turn Him Down.


A one-year-old cat came to a rescue group in Salem, Massachusetts, in need of a loving home. His name is Memphis, and he is quite special.

Memphis was born with two adorable noses and facial congenital abnormalities.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Tara Kay, founder of the Odd Cat Sanctuary, received a message from one of their volunteers about a cat needing rescue.

“The kitty was being given up, and area shelters in Massachusetts threatened to euthanize him,” Tara told Love Meow.

As soon as Tara heard about his plight, she offered to take him. Memphis’ previous owners who could no longer care for him, were relieved to know that the Odd Cat would give Memphis a chance at a forever home.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

“He was born with deformed soft palate, smushed face and a cleft lip. Both noses are functional. He does breathe louder and snores! But he does great,” Tara told Love Meow.

Besides his cute noses, he wears a couple of adorable freckles and a goatee.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

“Our volunteers are always on the look out and step up when a cat is in need of a safe place for being different,” Tara added.

Rawr! (Scroll down for video)

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Memphis’ facial abnormalities don’t bother him at all.

He makes cute little chirpy noises and has a wonderful character and lots of charm.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

“Memphis is super affectionate, loves to be loved and purr,” Tara told Love Meow.

He was born with a cleft lip and makes the cutest “blep.”

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

The Odd Cat Sanctuary’s mission is to help cats who have no place to turn.

“We believe that all cats deserve love, attention, and medical care, first with a caring foster and then with placement in a forever home.”

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Sweet Memphis will be up for adoption next week.

“He will make a lucky forever family so happy,” Tara told Love Meow.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Different is beautiful!

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Follow updates on Memphis the two nosed cat on Instagram. Follow The Odd Cat Sanctuary on Facebook and Instagram. If you would like to support their rescue efforts, click here to see how you can help.

Watch Memphis in this cute video:

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