Cat Has Firecracker Lit Inside Her


Katy P. the tabby cat is lucky to be alive.

The sweet, long-haired feline was taken in by Ohio’s Richland County Humane Society in immediate need of medical attention after someone inserted a lit firecracker into the cat’s rectum, reports Mansfield News Journal.

“We are currently at the vet’s office with this cat that had a firecracker set off in her rectum. We have no words. We need all your good thoughts and vibes for her. We aren’t sure if she will make it, it depends on the extent of the damage,” shelter staff posted on Facebook shortly after the innocent feline arrived under their care.

Thankfully, Katy P., named by shelter workers for “Fireworks” singer Katy Perry, made it through emergency surgery at Phillips Animal Hospital.

Courtesy Humane Society of Richland County

It is unclear if Katy P. will be incontinent or able to defecate following the horrific incident, but veterinarians and her other caretakers are guarded but optimistic that Katy P. will survive the ordeal and be able to have a second chance at a happy life.

“Her rectal catheter was removed today and there was feces on it, which is a good sign. Her urine is also clear which is another good sign. Her prognosis is better today than it was yesterday. However, she is developing an infection in her tail and received an antibiotic injection and will be on oral meds as well. She will be monitored to see if her tail needs to be amputated,” Richland County Humane Society staff shared with Katy P.’s growing number of fans in a Facebook update on Wednesday.

Andrew Scherrer, a veterinarian at Phillips Animal Hospital who tended to the feline, told Mansfield News Journal that it is important that the cat is able to defecate once she if fully healed.

“If she’s able to have a bowel movement, she’ll be fine,” Scherrer told the paper.

While they wait to see how Katy P. heals, Richland County Humane Society staff is working to find who put this animal through such cruel abuse. The shelter’s board of directors is offering a $500 reward for information that can lead to an arrest of those involved in harming this sweet pet.

Katy P. came into the shelter’s care after her original owner reached out for assistance with the cat’s painful injuries. Unable to pay for the Katy P.’s care, the owner surrendered the cat to the shelter.

The shelter, not the police, is leading the investigation into who hurt Katy P., but currently has no leads.

For right now, staff members are dedicated to getting justice for the feline and to giving her the best, most comfortable care possible.

If you would like to help Richland County Humane Society care for Katy P., you can donate here.


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