Recalled: Royal Canin Veterinary Feline Renal Support F Dry Cat Food


Some of these 6.6 lb. bags of Royal Canin cat food were mislabeled.

Maker: Royal Canin
Cause: Product is mislabeled and some bags may contain a different product
Announcement: FDA Enforcement Report updated Feb. 6, 2023
What was recalled: Royal Canin Veterinary Feline Renal Support F dry cat food in 6.6 lb (3 kg) bags with Lot #242B4RCR04, time stamps: 00:00-07:06 and best by date 04/17/2024

Royal Canin has quietly recalled certain bags of one of its cat foods due to mislabeling.

The product in question, Royal Canin Veterinary Feline Renal Support F, is a dry food designed for adult cats to support kidney health.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the recall affects specific 6.6 lb. bags of the product with the following identifying information: Lot #242B4RCR04, time stamps between 00:00 and 07:06, and a best by date of April 17, 2024.

Consumers who have purchased this product are advised to check the packaging. If the information matches the details listed above, do not feed this food to your cat. Instead, dispose of it properly.

Although Royal Canin has not released an official statement regarding the recall, the FDA lists the recall on its Enforcement Reports section of its website. More than 3,000 bags of food are affected, according to the FDA.

Petful reached out to Royal Canin for additional information, but our emails went unanswered.

Mislabeling of pet food products could potentially be a serious issue — but unfortunately, we don’t know the exact details. If you have any concerns or questions about the recall, try reaching out to Royal Canin directly.

Petful’s research team did find a comment from October 2022 from a consumer on that seems to be related to this issue.

Someone named Mike complained that 6.6 lb. bags of Royal Canin Veterinary Feline Renal Support F he had purchased for his cats were clearly mislabeled because the food was “visually different” from the 3 lb. bags he had bought previously.

Here’s his comment on

Image of an online review that gives 4 stars out of 5 and says the following:  By Mike on Oct 13, 2022 ***The BIG BAG is NOT the same food as the SMALL BAG*** Originally I ordered the small bag of Royal Canin F and my cats loved it. I was so relieved because my boy wasn't eating anything but would finish all the food I gave him from the small F bag. Great! He likes this, so let's try to save some money and get the big bag. Surely it's the same food because it's labeled the same! WRONG. My cats immediately stopped eating after switching to the large bag. Immediately I flip out, thinking it's an advancement in my cat's CKD. Upon close inspection, it's not exactly the same food! The stuff from the big bag, despite looking nicer visually obviously doesn't taste as good as the stuff from the small bag. I thought I was crazy but the food was visually different so I called up Chewy and explained, freaking out because I felt like I was going crazy. They refunded the large bag and sent a new small bag out. When the bag arrived we did a little A/B test and sure enough both cats finished the pile of food from the small bag, leaving the pile of food from the large bag completely alone. I appreciate Chewy coming through and helping me out but man Royal Canin needs to step up their game. Don't label a bag of food as the same thing if it's not the same thing, especially if you're dealing with picky CKD cats! You'll waste peoples' money or worst case cause someone's cat to crash!

We will update this post when we learn more information about this recall. To our knowledge, though, no other Royal Canin products are affected.

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