Cat and Her Five Tried to Stay Warm atop Old Car, Now Get Cozy Under Christmas Tree with Adopted Kitten


A cat and her five tried to stay warm atop an old car. Now, they get to cozy up under a Christmas tree with a tiny adopted kitten.

Katrina, Rachel, little Mike, Donna, and Louis


A few weeks ago, a cat and her litter of five were found living outside, fending for themselves for food and shelter.

The mom desperately needed a safe place to raise her kittens. A Good Samaritan contacted the

Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership

(ARPO) and pleaded with them to help the feline family. The rescue quickly said yes.

“The only type of shelter nearby was an old car (they snuggled to stay warm on the hood of the car),” ARPO shared.

outdoor kittens car hood

Five kittens and their mom were found living outdoors, clinging to an old car for warmth


While a volunteer was arranging transport to get the family, ARPO was notified that an orphaned kitten had been found alone on a nearby front porch.

“There had been a mom and kittens there several days ago, but after observing for a while, it was determined that no one was coming back for him.”

stray cat mom nursing kittens


The transport team picked up the little orphan and put him with the family of six. “So he would have a nursing momma cat.”

The kittens were dirty and a bit shy upon arrival. They underwent flea and worm treatment, while their mom received prompt medical attention for two bite wounds on her neck.

stray cat nursing kittens


Named after the characters from Suits, the cat, Jessica Pearson, and the kittens, Harvey Specter, Louis Litt, Donna Paulsen, Rachel Zane, Katrina Bennett, and Mike Ross (orphan), settled down in their foster home after the long ordeal.

No longer clinging to a car for warmth, they could finally relax, stretch, and enjoy the quiet, comfy space.

cat mom fluffy kittens

Mama Jessica and her kittens Harvey (top), Rachel (middle), and Donna


Jessica and her kittens immediately accepted the tiny newcomer and doted on him. “Everyone snuggles with little Mike to keep him warm. I love how he has a family again after previously being left behind,” Lori White, foster mom, shared.

Over the next couple of weeks, the kittens grew by leaps and bounds. They went from fitting in two carriers to needing three when they returned to the vet’s office.

sweet kittens friends

Harvey and his adopted brother, little Mike


Mike’s weight more than doubled in two weeks, from 0.66 of a pound to 1.5 pounds. Jessica was healing well and had also made some much-needed gains.

Despite having multiple beds and comfy chairs to sleep on, the kittens often chose to snuggle on top of a wicker basket.

cuddle puddle kittens naps

They love napping on top of this basket


Bursting with newfound energy, they ran around, creating a playful ruckus and melting hearts with their adorable antics. The kittens learned to eat from a dish by watching their mom while keeping her on her toes.

Mike has grown in size and fluff. He has the cutest ear tufts and the sweetest personality.

sweet snuggly kittens

Rachel, little Mike, and Louis


“His facial expression is a cross between wise beyond his years and worried. Mike is still one of the smaller kittens, but he’s gaining weight well.”

sweet gray kitten

Little Mike has a fun and sweet personality


“Momma Jessica was spayed and had her broken canine tooth removed. She is about as easygoing as they come, has a cute meow, beautiful eyes, and is just content to be in your company.”

cat nursing kittens

Katrina (top) and her siblings nursing on Mama Jessica


She doesn’t mind being piled on by all six kittens. She has a soft spot for little Mike and often gives him one-on-one attention.

cat sweet nursing kitten

Jessica gives little Mike one-on-one attention


Jessica and her kitten crew are drawn to the cozy beds set beneath the Christmas tree. They curl up contentedly, basking in the warmth of the holiday spirit.

kittens Christmas tree


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