Couple Asks Shelter Which Cat Needs a Break from Kennel, a Cat with ‘Striking Mask’ Jumps at the Chance


A couple asked a shelter for a cat who needed a break from the kennel. A cat with a “striking mask” jumped at the chance.


Jennifer and Mike were on a 2-week vacation back in their hometown and decided to visit their local animal shelter, Exploits Valley SPCA.

As volunteers, they asked which cat needed a break to escape the kennel and offered a temporary foster home. Shelter staff immediately thought of a tuxedo named Catman, who had lived in his cage for weeks because he was not a fan of other cats. “He was found as a stray,” the shelter shared with Love Meow.

A few weeks ago, the cat was seen on the streets during several bitter cold nights. A Good Samaritan rescued him, and their children affectionately named him Catman.

tuxedo cat maskHe came to the shelter as a strayExploits Valley SPCA

No one came to claim the cat, and he was then put up for adoption. “He is the sweetest guy and loves to talk to you with his little meow. He is a big cat with a tiny voice. He’s extremely lovable.”

Due to his aversion to other cats, he had to spend his time in a kennel at the shelter. When the couple learned about his situation, they offered to take him and give him a well-deserved break in a comfortable home.

shelter cat tuxedoHe stayed in a kennel because he wasn’t a fan of other catsExploits Valley SPCA

Shelter staff sent Catman off with the couple that afternoon and thought, “Now, if only he could get adopted before he has to return.”

Catman strutted into the house as if he owned the place. His confidence was unmatched the second he stepped out of the carrier. After touring around his new space, he rubbed against the couple to “thank” them for the accommodations.

cat round face foster homeCatman immediately felt at home in foster careJennifer

It didn’t take long for Catman to feel like he was back in his element as the boss of his domain.

“He was only here maybe three hours when he crawled in my arms. When he cuddled up on me and started making ‘biscuits’ on my shoulder, I knew he was something special,” Jennifer shared.

cat cuddling humanWithin hours, he cuddled up to his foster momJennifer

The couple watched Catman blossom before their eyes as his sweet and charming personality shone.

“His manners are impeccable – he’s a scratching post enthusiast, leaves furniture alone, and is a litter box aficionado. Plus, he’s freshly neutered, making him the perfect gentleman.”

cuddly cat tuxedoJennifer

“He loves to lounge and stretch out when he snoozes. He’s as suave as he is sweet.”

Catman’s most noticeable trait is his penchant for cuddles. He comes up to his foster parents when they are on the couch and rubs against their cheeks until he’s nestled comfortably on them.

cuddle bug cat attentionHe is a cuddle bugJennifer

“He’s a cuddler. He can’t get close enough sometimes. He’s like a big teddy bear,” Jennifer told Love Meow.

Jennifer woke up to the sweetest morning greetings from Catman. He lay on top of her with his paws paddling on her pillow while he whispered purrs into her ears.

cat morning waking upJennifer

Catman is a heart-stealer with his cuddling and biscuit-making combo.

The couple fell head over heels for Catman (a solo cat). Because they have two cats at home, they weren’t able to adopt him. They made it their mission to find him a forever home before their departure so he didn’t have to return to a life in a cage at the shelter.

cat adorable treeJennifer

They shared online about their time with Catman and how he flourished from the moment he arrived. They kept their fingers crossed, hoping the perfect family would find him soon.

A few days later, the couple woke up to the best news that made their vacation.

cat cuddle bug kneadingJennifer

“Catman is adopted! (His new family) is picking him up tomorrow,” Jennifer shared with Love Meow in an update.

The couple is excited for Catman and his new adventure. They are hugging him tighter tonight. Knowing he’s going to a loving home makes it all worth it.

cat with perfect maskJennifer

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