Why Does My Cat Sleep in the Bathroom? 8 Possible Reasons


Cats are strange animals, and that’s part of the reason we love them. Sometimes, though, they can act downright bizarre and become obsessed with the weirdest things. For instance, you might be amused and puzzled if you happen to find your cat sleeping in your bathroom when they have a perfectly good pet bed to lounge in. There are actually a lot of reasons your cat might want to sleep in the bathroom, from comfort to curiosity and more. Check out the reasons below to shed some light on your cat’s new favorite sleeping spot.

The 8 Reasons Why Cats Sleep in the Bathroom

1. It’s Cooler in the Bathroom

Bathrooms tend to run a little cooler than the rest of the house, and bathrooms with cool tile make the perfect resting spot during hot summers. If the rest of your house is sweltering, your cat will seek out the coolest places in your home, like a reverse heat-seeking missile. It doesn’t hurt that there’s often a litter box nearby or interesting debris like toilet paper rolls to mess around with.

Ginger cat sleeping in the bathroom touching toilet bowl
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2. The Water Is Interesting

Cats don’t usually like getting wet, but funnily enough, they enjoy being near water. The sound of running water seems to be soothing for some cats, and having cool, potable water nearby is a pretty big plus too. Some more playful kitties might even play with the seemingly magical flows of water that come from your bathroom taps. To all animals, having water nearby is a soothing reassurance that they’re provided for, and this is also true with our domesticated house cats being attracted to the bathroom.

3. It’s Forbidden

If your cat doesn’t have free access to explore your bathroom, they might leap at the chance to check out this fascinating room where you spend so much time. It’s not necessarily that they’re rebellious, but that your cat is naturally attracted to learning more about things and places in their home. Even if they end up not caring for the bathroom one way or the other, a bathroom fixation is perfectly normal.

cat resting in the bathroom sink
Image Credit: Andreas Gradin, Shutterstock

4. They Love Sleeping in the Sink

Your bathroom sink may be the perfect shape for your cat to curl up, with a cool firm surface that supports their bodies and makes them feel safe. Another likely reason cats love sinks is that they’re elevated and give your cat a better view than they’d get chilling on the floor. Combine all these characteristics and it’s little wonder your cat makes a beeline to nap in your sink.

5. It’s a Quiet, Restful Area

We all know that cats are private animals that need their space to be independent beings of their own, and they can pick up on the fact that your bathroom is a private area. If the rest of your home is bustling with activity, such as when you have guests over or throw a birthday party, you might find your cat hiding away in the bathroom. It’s rejuvenating for them to spend time alone, so don’t take it personally.

Orange cat sleeping on bathroom rug
Image Credit: Konstantin Aksenov, Shutterstock

6. Your Cat is Quirky

Part of the reason we love cats in the first place is that they’re mysterious, quirky characters that do things that don’t always make sense to us humans. Some cats are more prone to behavior like sleeping in the bathroom than others, or maybe they just have a specific fondness for the type of air freshener you use in the bathroom. Regardless, sometimes your cat does weird stuff like sleep in the bathroom for no particular reason at all.

7. Your Cat Wants Attention

Cats are very smart and pay attention to when you give them attention, which may be why they sleep in your bathroom. If you’ve previously made a fuss about how adorable they are when sleeping in the bathroom like a weirdo, they could be repeating the behavior to try and get more of your attention. Talk about clingy!

A cat lying on bathroom floor
Image Credit: Danny Chang, Pixabay

8. Your Cat May Be Sick

If your cat is acting abnormally, avoiding you, or displaying symptoms of physical discomfort and seeking out the bathroom to sleep, it may be a sign that they’re sick. Cats look for private spaces to recuperate where they feel safe, and proximity to water is a big plus. Ultimately, sleeping in the bathroom by itself isn’t cause for alarm. If accompanied by other worrying signs, however, it may indicate a health problem to get checked out by a qualified vet.



Cats sleeping in the bathroom usually do it for one or more of the reasons listed above, and you can really only make an educated guess. Sometimes it’s just a cool, private oasis in a whirlwind of activity, they might have a thing for the sink, or any of a number of possible reasons. The good news is that sleeping in the bathroom is almost always perfectly normal and not a sign of concern unless accompanied by other significant medical signs.

Featured Image Credit: Burunduk’s, Shutterstock

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