Stray Kitten Bonds with a Younger Kitten Who Looks Like Him, He Has Stuck by Her Side Since


A stray kitten bonded with a younger kitten who looks like him, and he has stuck by her side since.

Pippo and PippaChatons_Orphelins_Montreal

Pippo, the kitten, was found as a stray from a cat colony and rescued through a TNR project.

He was scared and lost and needed a quiet home to feel safe and comfortable. A volunteer of Chatons Orphelins Montreal saw a rescue request for the little guy and sprang into action.

They transported him to the rescue’s veterinary clinic and arranged for a foster home where he could heal and learn to trust.

stray rescued kittenPippoChatons_Orphelins_Montreal

“Pippo was barely three months old. He had an upper respiratory infection but made a full recovery after treatment,” Celine of the rescue shared.

“He was terrified when he first arrived, but he quickly warmed up to his foster mom, accepted pets, and found his purr engine.”

rescued kitten pettingHe quickly warmed up to his foster momChatons_Orphelins_Montreal

Within days, he came out of his shell, and his personality truly shone. He adored the company of his people, enjoyed being cradled in their arms, and took every opportunity to play with them.

“When he is happy, he coos and makes cute little sounds to get attention. He is eager to befriend everyone, especially younger cats.”

kitten toy cutePippo and his dragonChatons_Orphelins_Montreal

A few weeks after Pippo was rescued, another gray and white kitten, about a month younger than Pippo, found her way into the foster home. Chatons Orphelins Montreal rescued her when her previous family no longer wanted her.

“She was just a bag of bones, covered in fleas, and had stomach issues. We named her Pippa.”

rescued kitten purritoPippaChatons_Orphelins_Montreal

“She didn’t want to eat alone, so we stayed with her at mealtime. In 24 hours, she put on 20 grams. Every day after that, she continued to make good gains.”

While staying in a separate room for recovery, Pippa cried for constant attention even if her foster mom left for only a minute. Her persistent meow soon caught the attention of Pippo.

rescued kitten purritoShe is very vocal and demands constant attentionChatons_Orphelins_Montreal

“Pippo was very curious and tried to find out who was on the other side of the door. Their friendship began with a game of paws under the door. Pippo spent his day talking to Pippa, anxiously waiting to meet her.”

Once healthy, Pippa got the green light to meet the rest of the house. The second the door opened, Pippo was right there to greet her.

kittens best friendsWhen Pippo and Pippa met, they became instant best friendsChatons_Orphelins_Montreal

Pippo was on cloud nine, rubbing up against Pippa and purring up a storm. “He hasn’t been away from her for a second since.”

Beyond their striking resemblance, they are also incredibly close. “They are always together and nap next to each other, whether on a bed, a cat tree, in a hammock, or on one of their humans.”

kittens best friendsThey are always togetherChatons_Orphelins_Montreal

Despite their size and age difference, Pippa can hold her own, chasing her big brother and pouncing on him with all her might.

“As soon as they wake up, one looks for the other to start a new day of games and adventures.” They engage in a frenzy of playful activity, stopping only when their energy is completely depleted.

kitten cat best friendsChatons_Orphelins_Montreal

The two kittens found each other in their foster home and became bonded friends. They go everywhere as a duo, side by side, sometimes with their tails intertwined.

kitten cat shoulder best friendsChatons_Orphelins_Montreal

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