Cat Came Indoors After Hanging Around House, No One Knew She Had Kittens in Her Belly at the Time


A cat decided to come indoors after hanging around a house for a while. No one knew she had kittens in her belly at the time.

Cindy LouBecca and Nathan

A skinny, dirty, scared cat showed up outside a house and started sleeping on the outdoor patio furniture. It became her refuge as she didn’t have a place to call home.

The homeowner saw the cat turn her patio into a little sanctuary and wanted to help her. She worried about the lonely cat as temperatures dropped, so she began feeding her and tried to coax her inside.

At first, the cat, lovingly named Cindy Lou, was nervous and skittish and tried to keep her distance.

stray cat house wanderingBecca and Nathan

The finder offered her food daily and provided extra bedding and a makeshift cat house. Slowly but surely, Cindy Lou warmed up to her.

“It took her finder two weeks of feeding her for her to decide to finally come indoors. At that time, none of us knew she was actually pregnant,” Becca, a foster volunteer for Nashville Cat Rescue, shared with Love Meow.

stray cat porch sleepingShe sought shelter on a kind woman’s patioBecca and Nathan

All her patience paid off as the cat accepted the invitation into the house. When Cindy Lou realized she was safe, she turned into a love bug.

The finder contacted Nashville Cat Rescue, hoping to get the cat the medical care she needed and the best chance at finding a good home. Cindy Lou padded into Becca’s home, embarking on a new chapter.

stray cat sleeping porchThe homeowner tried to win her over with food, bedding, and a makeshift cat houseBecca and Nathan

“When I first got her, she was so sweet and friendly. We are so thankful that she picked the right porch to seek shelter on.”

While rubbing Cindy Lou’s belly, Becca felt something that made her fostering intuition go off. After a vet visit and a few days of observation, they confirmed that Cindy Lou was pregnant.

fluffy torbie cat happyCindy Lou played with a toy in her foster homeBecca and Nathan

“We think it will be a small litter due to her young age, small size, wintertime, and how underweight she was when she was rescued.”

With a camera mounted in the foster room, they were officially on baby watch.

fluffy torbie cat beautifulThey discovered that she was pregnantBecca and Nathan

On Valentine’s Day, in the middle of the night, Cindy Lou gave birth to two beautiful kittens, an orange tabby boy and a torbie girl.

“We’re relieved that they appear healthy and strong. Mama is doing great, and babies are snuggling and don’t have to fight multiple siblings for milk.”

newborn kittensCindy Lou gave birth to two kittensBecca and Nathan

At ten days old, the kittens more than doubled their birth weight. “Little girl was smaller at birth but now has a solid lead on her brother. She is strong and determined and loves to eat.”

torbie kitten sweetBecca and Nathan

Cindy Lou is about 8-9 months old and a young mom. Once her kittens are old enough to be on their own, she can retire, enjoy her kittenhood, and be the center of attention she desires.

“She is bubbly, chatty, affectionate, playful, curious, and snuggly. She always wants to be around people and does not like to be alone.”

torbie cat mom nursing kittensBecca and Nathan

“She is extremely protective of her babies and does not want to leave their side. She’s done an excellent job caring for them.”

sweet cat mom kittenBecca and Nathan

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