Cat Comes Up to Family and Makes a Plea They Cannot Refuse After His Days as a Forgotten Stray


A cat came up to a family and made a plea they couldn’t refuse after his days as a forgotten stray.

GingerbreadStray Cat Club

A team of volunteers from Stray Cat Club worked tirelessly to rescue a colony of abandoned cats, pulling them off the streets and into foster homes.

Among them, a cat named Gingerbread stayed in the background, keeping his distance, but his eyes betrayed a desire for affection. “He came from an abandoned traveler’s site that had upped and moved and left all the cats,” Stray Cat Club shared with Love Meow.

One after another, Gingerbread watched other “forgotten” cats get scooped up by rescuers. He mustered the courage to come out of the shadows and seek affection.

stray cat keeping distanceHe came from a colony of abandoned catsStray Cat Club

By the time all the other cats were in foster care, he was the last remaining stray yet to be rescued. With the weather getting colder, a volunteer jumped at the chance to foster him.

By then, Gingerbread was rough around the edges and showed signs of a kitty cold. Bewildered by the drastic change from the streets to a home, he hid under the bed for the first few days, trying to stay out of sight.

shy cat sweet strayGingerbread came out from hiding in his foster homeStray Cat Club

His foster family offered a relaxing space, their gentle presence, and all the time he needed for his guard to fade.

On the fourth day, he broke through his shyness and emerged to explore his surroundings. A few ear scratches put him at ease, switched on his purr engine, and reassured him that he was safe.

sweet cat snugglesThe moment he realized he was safeStray Cat Club

While Gingerbread kneaded gently on his carer’s legs, his love unfurled like a beautiful flower. “He came out of his shell to be the loveliest cat. He has the loudest purr.”

His foster family planned to continue socializing him, nurture him to tip-top shape, and eventually find him a loving home. But Gingerbread had other ideas in mind.

sweet cat snugglesStray Cat Club

Over the following days, Gingerbread discovered the fun of toys, the joy of walking on soft carpets, and the comfort of sleeping on a warm lap.

He began to spend ample time snuggling with his foster carer to be nourished by love.

cat playful toyHe started playing with toys and enjoyed the soft carpetStray Cat Club

When Gingerbread was due for a dental procedure, nearly all his teeth were extracted, but he came home feeling much better.

“Life as a stray meant an inconsistent diet; sometimes there was food, other times there wasn’t. Although we don’t know what he has lived and seen, his teeth speak a lot about his past as they were all cracked and damaged.”

sweet cat snugglesHe loved cuddling with his foster carer more than anything in the worldStray Cat Club

Gingerbread may be nearly toothless now, but he’s gained a spring in his step, a zest for life, as he no longer lives with pain or struggles to eat.

He likes to rest his paw on his people or weave himself around them when they lounge on the couch.

cat sleeping holding pawsHe held hands with his people when he nappedStray Cat Club

He is the first thing they wake up to in the morning, the constant snuggle buddy throughout the day, and the purr machine that puts them to sleep at night.

From the moment Gingerbread came out of his shell, he knew he was right where he was meant to be.

ginger cat homeHe knew he was where he was meant to beStray Cat Club

He became their ever-present shadow and burrowed his way deep into their hearts.

“We are happy to say that he has been adopted by his fosterer, who cannot bear to part with him,” the rescue shared.

sweet ginger catGingerbread has found his forever home with his foster familyStray Cat Club

“This lovely boy will continue to want for nothing and have the bestest life.”

happy playful catStray Cat Club

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