Kittens Born Days Early, the Size of Little Mice, Now They Live as Though They Can Take on the World


These two kittens were born days early, the size of little mice. Now, they live as though they can take on the world.


About three months ago, Jen, a foster volunteer of Wrenn Rescues, received a litter of orphaned kittens in urgent need of critical care.

They were tiny and frail and had to be tube-fed around the clock, 11 times a day. “When they got to me, it was evident they were premature,” Jen shared with Love Meow.

“They were the smallest kittens I had ever seen. They weighed 72 grams each on intake. That is less than 2/3 of a stick of butter.”

preemie kittens tinyMaisy Mouse and Angelina Ballerina at 12 days old. They were born prematureJen

The odds are stacked against premature kittens as their chances of survival are extremely low. Jen lost two kittens during the first week despite her best efforts to save them. The remaining two held on and refused to yield.

“I braced myself to lose all of them while I kicked into gear to do everything I could to keep them going long enough to get stronger.”

newborn kittens snugglesJen

They were small like mice, which earned them the names Maisy Mouse (gray) and Angelina Ballerina (tortie), after fictional mouse characters. Once they were off the tube and drinking formula from a bottle, they began to make good gains.

At four weeks old, they caught up to the weight of three-week-old kittens. Maisy discovered her voice at mealtime and insisted on being the first to be served while her sister protested in the incubator.

tortie kitten tinyAngelina protested in the incubator while Maisy had her bottleJen

After each feeding, they became roly-poly bundles of joy, purring, making biscuits, and suckling on Jen’s hand for comfort.

Maisy developed a slight head tilt and was a bit wobbly on her feet, but the little fighter was a force of nature, determined to be unstoppable.

sweet kitten tongueMaisyJen

When they moved into a playpen, they explored the new space with so much curiosity.

Angelina weaved through a pile of mouse toys while Maisy tucked herself under the tail of a faux mama plushie. They shuffled around, honing their gait, building leg muscles, and testing their wrestling prowess with toys.

sweet bottle kittenAngelinaJen

They came “running” every time their foster mom entered the room.

“If Maisy sees me, she stops what she is doing and comes over to me. Angelina used to move her feet around a lot. She was dancing her legs and was a little ballerina. She still does that.”

kittens happy playful playpenJen

Jen’s heart swelled with pride as the kittens took their first bites of solid food from a dish. “This is a milestone I wasn’t sure we would reach seven weeks ago.”

With full access to the kitten room, in no time, they figured out how to climb the cat tree and get on the lounger.

kittens playful cat treeJen

Whenever Jen sat down, the two marched over and clambered onto her lap, into her arms, and even attempted to reach the summit, her shoulders.

The sisters joined the two-pound club at ten weeks old, getting closer to becoming sturdy, rambunctious young cats.

snuggly kitten pawJen

“Angelina likes to do things on her own, but she always looks to Maisy for approval and to see what she is doing. For a kitty with neurological issues, Maisy sure is good at getting around, including getting to this high level of the cat tree.”

The sisters turn 13 weeks old tomorrow. They have graduated from foster care and into their forever home together.

snuggly tortie kitten lap catJen

“Their new mama is amazing and madly in love with them.”

Maisy and Angelina faced incredible odds at birth, but they have overcome every obstacle to become the happy, healthy, energetic young cats they are today.

kittens lap catsJen

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