Cat Leads Kind Person to a Tub of Kittens She’s Looked After, She’s So Happy to Finally Have Help


A cat led a kind person to a tub of kittens she’d looked after. She was so happy to finally have help.

Taylor and her kittensSparkleCatRescue

A week ago, Christina L., an animal rescuer, spotted a friendly stray cat running across a parking lot. She followed her and was stunned by what she discovered.

She saw a younger cat lying beside a tiny kitten. About two feet away sat a plastic tub turned into a makeshift shelter for feral cats. In it, there were two litters of kittens being looked after by the stray that had led her to them.

The older cat named Taylor is the mother of the younger cat. Both of them had given birth two weeks apart.

kittens tub strayTaylor was caring for two litters of kittens in a plastic tub that had been turned into a makeshift shelterSparkleCatRescue

“The only bedding in the bin was leaves gathered off the barren small patio floor,” Christina shared. “The young mom wasn’t feeding her kittens. Taylor was trying to feed all of them (her young babies and fragile grandchildren).”

Christina immediately contacted Stephanie Grantham, founder of Sparkle Cat Rescue, and asked if she had supplies to supplement the smaller kittens.

kittens carrier fluffyTaylor’s five kittensSparkleCatRescue

There was a colony of cats in the area, not a safe place for them to live in. “Our local shelter would not accept them, and they couldn’t stay at the property,” Stephanie told Love Meow. Members of the rescue community rallied their efforts to bring them indoors.

Stephanie took Mama Taylor and her five to her rescue. She also provided supplies for another compassionate individual who began bottle-feeding the smaller kittens that survived, as well as caring for two other kittens they secured. Another volunteer opened her home to the younger mom cat and another one that needed a safe haven.

stray cat inside carSparkleCatRescue

It took a village, but through tireless efforts, all of them were safe.

Taylor, named after the pop star Taylor Swift, was very talkative and social. She toured around the interior of the car before returning to the crate to tend to her demanding five.

cat tending to kittensSparkleCatRescue

As soon as she lay on her side, the kittens quieted down to Taylor’s chirps and purrs. They latched onto her as they headed to their foster home with Erin and Lauren.

“Taylor is such a sweet, trusting girl, and she settled in almost immediately,” Erin told Love Meow.

cat nursing kittensSparkleCatRescue

“We placed her babies in the playpen with a snuggly bed, food, and a litter box, and she watched us the whole time, making a few comments to her babies here and there.”

“Once she was sure they were comfortable, she dove into getting snuggles from us. She really loves to be loved on.”

sweet cat indoorsTaylor is so happy to be indoorsSparkleCatRescue

Taylor appreciates having kind humans to help her raise her last litter. Her five, Chloe, Sami, Sophia, Marcus, and Clara (all named after Taylor Swift’s new album) are starting to eat independently.

While the kittens shuffle around the playpen, practicing their wrestling skills, Taylor can relax and take some time for herself.

calico kitten sweetSophiaSparkleCatRescue

“Taylor (the Chairman) seems happy to have us nanny the kittens, but if they need her, she jumps right in to comfort them. The babies, or interns as we like to call them, are at the stage now where they love to wrestle each other and even us.”

The kittens are honing their walk and coordination, and soon, they will have the whole room as their playground and zoom around with reckless abandon.

cat nursing kittensSparkleCatRescue

Taylor and her kittens, once-forgotten felines, are thriving in their foster home thanks to the kindness of many volunteers. They will never have to spend another day outside and will be cherished in a cozy and loving home.

sweet ginger kittenSamiSparkleCatRescue

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