Halle Berry Faces Unknown Terrors in New ‘Never Let Go’ Trailer


Halle Berry desperately tries to shield her family from terrifying foes in her new movie. 

Lionsgate’s newly released trailer for Never Let Go, a horror-thriller from French director Alexandre Aja, finds the Oscar winner, 57, as a mother living in the woods with her two sons.

Berry and the two young actors playing her fraternal twin sons, Percy Daggs IV and Anthony B. Jenkins, are the only stars in glimpsed in the new trailer; they take shelter from an unknown entity and use a system of ropes to tether themselves to their home and each other.

“As an evil takes over the world beyond their front doorstep, the only protection for a mother (Berry) and her twin sons is their house and their family’s protective bond,” reads an official synopsis for the movie.

Anthony B. Jenkins, Halle Berry and Percy Daggs IV in 2024’s Never Let Go.

Liane Hentscher/2024 Lionsgate

“Needing to stay connected at all times – even tethering themselves with ropes – they cling to one another, urging each other to never let go,” the synopsis adds. “But when one of the boys questions if the evil is real, the ties that bind them together are severed, triggering a terrifying fight for survival.”

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Never Let Go was written by screenwriters KC Coughlin and Ryan Grassby, who previously cowrote 2023’s The King Tide and the 2016 movie Mean Dreams. The new horror movie marks Berry’s first feature film role since 2022’s Moonfall; she has one other movie scheduled to release in 2024, titled The Union, according to her IMDb page.

Halle Berry in 2024’s Never Let Go.

Lionsgate Movies/YouTube

After Berry teased that the “method acting” skills she learned for Never Let Go included skinning squirrels in the wild during an April appearance at CinemaCon, PETA confirmed with Aja, the director of such animal-centric horror flicks as 2010’s Piranha and 2019’s Crawl, that only realistic-looking props were used.

During that appearance, Berry said that her character in the new movie was “eating bugs and frogs — raw frogs — in the woods” and added, “I had to really skin a squirrel. These things wildly challenged me to create some reality within this world that felt so foreign.”

Never Let Go is in theaters Sept. 27.

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