Cat Found in a Field Doing Everything She Can for Her Kittens, Now Has a Whole Family to Pamper Her


A cat was found in a field doing everything she could for her kittens. Now, she has a whole family to pamper her.

Betty the cat and her kittens Butters and CassieAllison

An orange and white cat was found in a field nursing and protecting her two newborn kittens. Animal Control took them in and estimated the mother to be two years old.

She was frail, dehydrated, and weighed about seven pounds. Her coat was filthy and reeked of garbage. Patches of her fur were missing throughout her body due to fleas. Despite it all, she continued to nurture her kittens.

When staff and volunteers tended to her, her eyes lit up, and her purr engine rumbled loudly.

rescued cat kittens shelterShe was found in a field with her kittensAnimal Control

AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue swooped in to help when they received a rescue plea for the feline family.

Allison, a foster volunteer, opened her home and her heart to the trio and named the mama cat Betty Crocker because “she is always making biscuits.”

cat rescued sweetBetty and her kittens arrived in foster careAllison

“Betty never gave up, never stopped purring, and to say that it feels good to spoil her would be an understatement,” Allison shared. “She is one of the sweetest, most loving cats I’ve ever met.”

The mother cat was very underweight for her frame. Her skin was covered with scabs, likely from flea bites. Her kittens never went a day hungry, a testament to her determination to keep them safe and fed.

newborn kittens tinyButters and CassieAllison

On the first day in foster care, she stayed by her kittens’ side with unwavering devotion, refusing to step away despite her hunger.

Allison brought a large bowl of food to Betty. Within minutes, she devoured it and licked the bowl clean like she hadn’t eaten in days.

cat hungry eatingAllison

Betty had a good first night, sleeping in a comfy nest with a full belly. “We started deworming this poor mama. She smelled like she had been eating trash.”

A couple of days of rest indoors did wonders for the mama cat. Betty was hydrated, free of fleas, and starting to put on weight. With her ravenous appetite, she scarfed down five cans of food each day.

skinny cat sweet beautifulAllison

“Ms. Crocker can eat, and I’m happy to feed her as much as she wants.”

Betty began to play with toys and take short breaks between feedings. She sat beside her foster mom, rolled on her side, and allowed Allison to comb her belly fur.

sweet cat kneadingShe’s a wonderful mother and constantly making biscuitsAllison

While being pampered, her paws went into overdrive, kneading the air like a master baker. She stuck her tongue out and filled the room with soothing purrs.

Betty’s stomach issues have improved through care. Her skin is clear of scabs, and her hair is starting to grow back in.

sweet cat nursing kittensAllison

Her kittens, Butters and Cassie-role (Cassie), are getting increasingly curious with their eyes open. They shuffle around, exploring their surroundings while trying to hone their gait.

Mama Betty keeps a watchful eye on her babies, making sure they don’t wander off too far.

cat watches kittenThe kittens are getting more active with their eyes openAllison

Watching the kittens play has rekindled Betty’s youthful spirit. She enjoys the assortment of toys in her room and is especially intrigued by the tunnel. Her purr motor doesn’t seem to have a pause button.

“Butters and his sister, Cassie, are growing and starting to show off their adorable personalities.”

playful kittens cuteAllison

Betty never stopped caring and protecting her kittens while they were outside. She is overjoyed to have a roof over her head and a foster family to love and spoil her.

sweet cat kneady pawsAllison

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