Black Cat Saves Family of 8 From Fire


Don’t get picky about the pussycats that cross your path — one could end up saving your life.

Luna the black feline went from house cat to hero on Tuesday, saving all eight members of the Chappell-Root family from a fierce house fire.

According to Fox 46, who first reported the story, Luna was persistent about waking up Emily Chappell-Root early Tuesday morning, and with good reason.

“She was insistent, you’re getting up. I got up and walked out the bedroom door and got a few steps down the hallway and realized there were flames licking around the door frame into the kitchen,” said the mother-of-six from Chester, South Carolina.

After quickly realizing her family’s life was danger, Chappell-Root woke up her children, who range in age from 7 months to 10 years old, and led them outside to safety. Without Luna’s pawing and foot-biting the mom believes her family may have never gotten out of the house.

“If she didn’t wake me up we may not have all gotten out. I am really really blessed to have her and that everyone got out,” Chappell-Root, who was initially hesitant about adopting Luna, said.

The Chappell-Root house is now a charred remnant of what it once was, with the fire claiming almost all of the family’s personal possessions. But in the face of this destruction, the family just feels grateful that everyone, Luna included, got out unscathed.

As a reward for her brave pestering, Luna can look forward to a long life of fine dining.

“She will be on wet food for life. Wherever we go has to be a home that will let her go with us,” said Chappell-Root.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the Chappell-Root family to help them rebuild. You can help support this effort here.

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