The Most Popular Cat Videos Ever


It’s #InternationalCatDay!

To celebrate the momentous, meowing occasion, we are going to the Mt. Olympus of cat content, YouTube, to revisit the gods who built the foundations of the kitty craze that has a firm, glorious hold on the Internet today.

We are talking about the greatest cat videos of all time. These videos haven’t been watched a few thousand times or even 1 million times — they have been viewed tens of millions of times.

Chances are you have seen several of these founding fathers of feline entertainment, chance ares you have watched them more than once; so you will understand that all of the videos below are worth revisiting, not jut because they are the big shots of the cat video world, but because they are some of the cutest clips around.


Views: 23,675,278

The most important cat clip you need in your reaction gif arsenal.

Cat vs Zombies

Views: 25,387,906

Move over, The Walking Dead!

My Cat Saved My Son

View: 25,857,723

Courageous kitty Tara put hero cats on the map.

Cat Bath Freak Out

Views: 26,761,687

“Meow” is just cat language 101. This video opens up the uninitiated to the weirder noises that can come out of a kitty.

Can’t Hug Every Cat (Songify Version)

Views: 38,058,388

She gets it.

Keyboard Cat

Views: 47,920,291

Sorry in advance for getting this stuck in your head.

Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten

Views: 59,123,162

Six years later and we still have no words to sum up our deep, deep devotion to this video, just a lot of weird guttural “aww” sounds.

The Two Talking Cats

Views: 64,324,393

You may think you speak feline, but you’ve got nothing on these two chatty cattys.

Surprise Kitty

Views: 77,689,009

It’s the kitten that launched a thousand imitations! This may be YouTube’s sweetest 17 seconds.

Nyan Cat

Views: 149,515,686

The top cat video on the Internet doesn’t even star a real cat, just an adorable cartoon with an irritatingly infectious song.

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