Woman Asks Shelter For Special Needs Cat But the Kitty Finds Her Instead…


A young woman went to a local shelter and asked for a special needs cat, but the kitty came to find her instead.

Meet Noodles!

Noodles chose Dominique to be his forever human.Supplied by Noodles the cat @noodles.aaronson

Three years ago Dominique Weiser from Berlin went to her local shelter with an intention to give a less “adoptable” kitty a forever loving home. As soon as she arrived, she inquired about a cat that was either older or with special needs.

“That’s when I learned the lesson that cats choose their humans. They walked me through the shelter. When we approached a tiny cage, this lovely tiger cat bumped his head against the glass and jumped against it to get my attention,” Dominique told Love Meow.

The kitty rubbed against the glass of the kitty condo when he saw Dominque as if he had been expecting her. When they opened the door, he immediately stepped out and hopped on her lap, purring up a storm.

On his way to his new home.Supplied by Noodles the cat @noodles.aaronson

He licked her hand and gave her a gentle love bite as if to say “you are my forever human now.”

“The shelter staff told me that Noodles was abandoned around four months ago. They found him on the streets, completely lost and scared,” Dominique told Love Meow.

Supplied by Noodles the cat @noodles.aaronson

Noodles was around 10 years old when they met. He suffered from arthrosis in his left shoulder and needed daily medication for the rest of his life.

Despite his health and age, I already knew that I wanted to take him home. The moment I saw him, it sealed the deal.

Supplied by Noodles the cat @noodles.aaronson

“I want to give him the best life he could possibly get. Cats like him have a difficult time finding their homes, and I didn’t want him to stay at the shelter for one more day.”

Three years after adoption… look at Noodles now at 13!

Supplied by Noodles the cat @noodles.aaronson

Noodles is getting more playful than ever. Deep down he is still a kitten at heart!

“He loves to cuddle and never leaves my side. He sleeps under the blanket in my arms every single night,” Dominque told Love Meow.

Supplied by Noodles the cat @noodles.aaronson

I notice how grateful he is that he finally found a home where he feels loved.

“But I feel more grateful that he chose me to be his human, and I can’t imagine my life without him.”

Supplied by Noodles the cat @noodles.aaronson

Adorable Noodles!

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