Motherless Kitten Found Meowing in Backyard Turns Her Life Around In These Beautiful Photos…


A tiny kitten was discovered in a backyard meowing loudly for her cat mother who was nowhere to be found. Her pitiful cry caught the attention of the home owner. When they found her, they were surprised to see just how small she was.

Meet Sassy!

Sassy The Kitten @sassy_kitten_711

Sassy was left behind at a very young age. Her eyes were barely open. At less than one week old, the only way she knew to survive was to cry out for her mother.

“She was abandoned in a friend’s backyard. The mom never came back for her so we took her in,” Sassy’s human told Love Meow. “She hadn’t eaten in two days and we were worried that she wouldn’t make it.”

They bottle fed her every few hours around the clock to keep her alive. Every day the tiny fur baby surprised them with her new found energy and eagerness to eat. It brought them a lot of hope.

“This was the first night that we picked her up. Her eyes weren’t open all the way and she meowed until we held her and fed her.”

Sassy The Kitten @sassy_kitten_711

Sassy was fighting for her life with all of her five ounces. She refused to give up.

They paired her with a little cuddly buddy to snuggle with when she napped.

Sassy The Kitten @sassy_kitten_711

In just one week, Sassy put on three ounces and tripled her energy.

She loved her bottle so much that she would hold onto it when she ate.

Sassy The Kitten @sassy_kitten_711

“It took a lot of work but she slowly got stronger. Her eyes opened up all the way and she started to walk better, too,” Sassy’s human told Love Meow.

Sassy The Kitten @sassy_kitten_711

Sassy was nursed back to health with some help from a loyal canine friend. Molly took to Sassy on the day they met and has been very protective of her kitten ever since.

“Her big sister Molly loves playing with her and giving her kisses. Sassy loves napping on her too.”

Sassy The Kitten @sassy_kitten_711

Six weeks after they found her… Sassy has reached one pound and eight ounces.

“She’s thriving and loves to play and pounce on everything she sees,” Sassy’s human told Love Meow.

Sassy The Kitten @sassy_kitten_711

She adores her human parents and demands cuddles with them whenever they are home.

Sassy The Kitten @sassy_kitten_711

Sassy the kitten had a rough start in life, but with lots of love and an incredible will to live, she bounced back and blossomed.

The adorable little girl is living up to her name. She likes to curl up in her humans’ lap and tell them every day how happy she is to be loved.

“Sassy definitely stole our hearts!”

Sassy The Kitten @sassy_kitten_711

Sassy on the day she was found.

Look at her now at six weeks!

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