Street Kitten Delivered by Postal Worker Who Found Her Running In Front of Mail Truck


A Postal Service driver dropped off a special delivery at the door of a Brooklyn home. The worker saw a tiny kitten run in front of her truck for help.

Meet little Charli!

Flatbush Cats @flatbushcats

A month ago, a 6-week-old kitten was found running in the street towards a Postal Service delivery truck in desperate need of help.

The driver was shocked and immediately stopped the vehicle. She scooped up the little kitty, put her in a box and headed to a resident in Flatbush, Brooklyn that she knew might be able to help.

“We’re a trap, neuter, return organization so we occasionally do rescue work… I didn’t know the postal worker, somehow she knew that we did rescue work in the neighborhood. The kitten ran out in front of her truck and wouldn’t take no for an answer,” Flatbush Cats said.

Flatbush Cats @flatbushcats

After a flea bath (and removing about 100 fleas in an hour) and a big brunch, the kitten was happily napping in her new comfy bed with a heating pad.

She wolfed down a full plate of kitten food.

Flatbush Cats @flatbushcats

“We named her Charli. She’s a feisty delight,” they said.

“My mind is still blown that she was just delivered to our door in a box! This kitten needed help and she was willing to run in front of a big scary mail truck to get it. And it worked.”

Flatbush Cats @flatbushcats

Almost two weeks later, they brought home a little surprise from trapping one night. It was Charli’s brother who was found scrounging with a loose colony in the area.

“Since I had all the equipment with me, he was manually coaxed into the trap with some sardines.”

Flatbush Cats @flatbushcats

Charli’s brother, Wallace, slowly regained his appetite after the roundworm treatment. Little Charli was also nursed back to health from an infection.

Flatbush Cats @flatbushcats

“All kittens need a playmate/companion. I’m so relieved that she’s reunited with her brother,” Flatbush Cats said.

Charli and Wallace having their meal together after the reunion.

Flatbush Cats @flatbushcats

They put on weight and lots of strength.

Flatbush Cats @flatbushcats

The two feline siblings were ready for their next chapter in life.

Flatbush Cats @flatbushcats

“Good things come in small packages, but it’s time for our special deliveries to move along. It was a ton of work and I’m sad to see them go, but thrilled that we could get Charli back to good health and find them a loving forever home.

“I gave their new mom the original cardboard box Charli arrived in, they still love to play and sleep in it.”

Flatbush Cats @flatbushcats

Watch their rescue journey in this video:

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