9 Luxury Cat Beds That Will Make Your Kitty Purr With Joy

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Cats are notorious for not using their “designated” beds, but we’ve found nine cat beds that are so amazingly luxurious that they may tempt even the most stubborn of felines!

These fancy pet beds are all about style and comfort. They’ll keep Kitty warm during winter and impress your guests too (especially if you leave the price tag on ). It’s a shame they’re too small for us owners to snuggle in them along with the cats!

1. The Petiture Sofa For Cats

A combination of solid wood, faux leather and plush velvet makes this elegant cat bed a worthy addition to any room. And it manages to stay practical too, with a replaceable pillow and easy-to-clean covers.
Petiture Sofa For Cats

2. Antique Iron Cat Bed

This craftsman-grade hand-finished iron bed has the French country chic that’s purrfect for any feline princess (or prince!) The pillow isn’t included, but it’s a standard size so you can play around with different pillows.​

Antique Brown Iron

3. Co-Sleeper Duplex Pet Bunk Bed

Available in gray or brown, this stylish bunk bed offers room for two cats! Possibly more if you have felines who love to snuggle next to one another – each bed can support up to 55 pounds of purring sleeping kitties!
Co-Sleeper Duplex Pet Bunk Bed

4. The Elevated Rattan Cave Condo

This stunning “Kitty Ball” bed is perfect as a stand-alone solution for any cat that prefers an elevated sleeping solution. The rattan design is stylish and trendy, but if your cat is a senior, consider adding a step that will help her climb into her fancy new cat bed.
Elevated Rattan Cave Condo

5. The Metropolitan Pet Bunk Bed

This wonderful option for a multi-cat household comes with convenient steps to the upper bunk. Great if your cats are older or infirm. Made of solid wood, stainless steel and a non-toxic pet-safe glossy finish, this bed can complement modern home decor.
Metropolitan Pet Bunk Bed

6. The Hooded Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Bed

Does it get very cold where you live? This plush heated cat bed can help you save on heating costs. Perfect for arthritic cats, the cave-shaped design helps retain warmth. And the bed is usable year around as you can easily remove the top during summer.
Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Bed

7. The Hooded Arctic Cat Bed

Who needs electric heating when you have your own cozy little igloo? Lined with faux arctic fox fur, this cave will keep your cat happy through cold winter days or nights.
Hooded Arctic Cat Bed

8. The Overstuffed Snoozer Bed

For total comfort, how about this plush overstuffed cat bed? Cats will find it irresistible. The only problem is you’ll wish your own bed was this comfortable!
The Overstuffed Snoozer Bed

9. The Uttermost Papina Pet Bed

Finally, a piece so fancy that it will make guests wonder if this is even cat furniture. The Papina is all about elegance, style and sheer luxury!

Uttermost Papina Pet Bed

So, which did you like the most? Let us know in a comment! We hope you enjoyed this fantasy cat bed shopping spree with us!

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