Google Lens Makes Dog Ogling Even Easier, Can Now Identify Dog Breeds from Photos


You know the moment: you are walking/driving/scootering down the street and spy the most adorable, fluffy creature you have ever laid eyes on. Your brain and body both freeze and become locked in indecision. Do you take a photo of the dog to share with your canine-crazed Facebook group? Do you ask the owner what this magical mutt is?

And before you can react, the pup is going in the flashiest of flashes. Across the street, around the corner and out of your life. You are left to wonder if you will ever know the true identity of that dog.

Google wants to put an end to these moments of confusion and solve this mystery. The company recently rolled out a preview of Google Lens for IOS and Android which users can try out on the Google Photos app.

Google Lens is designed to help you interact with your photos. It can save information from a  business card to your phone, provide details on famous landmarks and add an event to a calendar from a poster or billboard — all based on the photos you take.

Along with these fun functions, Google Lens can also work its magic on photos of pets, analyzing a dog or cat photo and giving you its best guess on what breeds make up that animal.

Here’s a look at how it works:

Of course, Google Lens isn’t foolproof. Some photos might not pull up any breeds or may give you a breed you know isn’t right. Regardless, you are learning more about animals and getting to see even more cute pet photos.

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So start snapping your pets, your friends’ pets and any dog you see on the street and put this new feature to work. And for those who are more about flora than fauna, Google Lens can also help identify different types of plants.

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