Treat Your Cat to … Different Types of Cat Accessories


Looking for the purrrfect accessory for your kitty? Check out these whimsical, fashion-forward, playful and sometimes even practical cat accessories. Remember ­— don’t ever dress up or put accessories on your cat if she seems stressed by the clothing or accessories in question!

1. Shirts for cats

Cat Clothes Pet Sun Protection Heathered Hoodie Long Sleeved, Simply Sphynx ($45).

Shirts are an adorable and sometimes practical accessory for your cat. Airie McCready of Simply Sphynx explains that her beautiful shirts for cats can actually help kitties heal, and support medically fragile cats. “[The time after] surgery/spay can be a cone-free zone for some kitties,” McCready explains. These shirts can also “prevent over grooming and soothing cats with terrible problems like feline hyperesthesia syndrome.”

2. Decorative cat tags or charms

BFF Charm Set, Friendship Collar ($20).

BFF Charm Set, Friendship Collar ($20).

Decorative tags are a great way to pamper your cat. Like an updated version of the best friend necklaces you might have worn in middle school, you and your cat can show the world how much you love each other. In addition to matching messages, kitty’s tags can include practical information like your phone number and address in case she ever gets lost.

3. Hats for cats

Jane Austen hat, Regency hat, Patrikka ($28).

Jane Austen hat, Regency hat, Patrikka ($28).

“Cat in the hat” isn’t just an adorable picture-book rhyme. “My cat hats are whimsical, fun and very well crafted. There is nothing sweeter than a cat in a hat,” Patty Szafranski of Patrikka says.

4. Cat bow ties

Matching Bee Print Hair Tie and Bow Tie for Cat Mom's and their Kitties, Black Cat Stitches ($18.13).

Matching Bee Print Hair Tie and Bow Tie for Cat Mom’s and their Kitties, Black Cat Stitches ($18.13).

If you’re looking to dress up your cat’s look this summer, don’t miss out on bow ties from Black Cat Stitches. These bow ties slide onto your cat’s collar and include options for every occasion. You can even get matching “Meowmie and Me” accessories — with a kitty bow tie and a headband for you. Leanne Wicks of Black Cat Stitches explains that the company “donates a portion of sales to local animal rescue organizations. I like to believe that we are spreading joy one cute bow tie at a time.”

5. Cat climbing systems

The Cat Mod - Bunker, CatastrophiCreations ($410).

The Cat Mod – Bunker, CatastrophiCreations ($410).

Take your cat accessories to the next level by giving your cats a vertical playground. “Our furniture is designed to enrich the lives of cats and their humans and to look great doing it. We make functional, attractive wall-mounted furniture that our own cats love, and that we’re proud to have mounted on the walls of our home alongside photos and artwork,” explains Mike Wilson of CatastrophiCreations.

6. Cat collars

Cactus Cat Collar, A JoyFul Bird ($12).

Cactus Cat Collar, A JoyFul Bird ($12).

Collars are more than a place to attach an ID tag, they are a full-on fashion statement for your cat! Search for seasonal prints, then swap your cat’s collar out every few weeks. Also go with a breakaway collar specifically made for cats to keep your kitty safe.

7. Cat bells

Specialty Pet Collar Jingle Bell, Made By Cleo ($3.95).

Specialty Pet Collar Jingle Bell, Made By Cleo ($3.95).

Do you use a bell on your cat’s collar to help keep track of her? Check out these adorable specialty bell designs. From dolphins to rabbits to rubber ducks, there are 10 different designs to choose from. The bells are also extra loud, so everyone will hear your kitten coming!

Tell us: What cat accessories are you obsessed with?

Thumbnail: Photography by Shelagh Duffett/Thinkstock.

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