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Parasites are described as the creatures that live and feed on the other living organisms called host. Fleas are one type of parasites that can infest your pet and suck blood from your pets body. As a result, your beloved pet can suffer from itchiness, blood deficiency, tapeworms and many other infections and allergies like FAD on dogs. No pet parent on earth would want flea infestations on their pet. That’s the reason most of the pet parents are very verse with the fleas treatments and preventives. You as a loving pet parent also might want to know about the trending flea treatments for your dog or cat.

Top 5 Trending Flea Treatments for Pets

1. Frontline Plus For Dogs And Cats

Frontline plus is a topical solution manufactured by a French company named, MERIAL. The flea and tick treatment is the most popular treatment among pet parents. This product is available for both dogs and cats.

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  • Frontline plus contains Fipronil and (S)Methoprene as active ingredients
  • Frontline plus kills Adult fleas, flea eggs and larvae for up to 1 month
  • Kills 100% fleas within 12 hours.
  • Treats ticks aslo for a month.
  • It’s amazingly waterproof.
  • Chewing lice are eliminated for at least a month.
  • It’s a monthly application.
  • Safe for lactating, breeding and pregnant dogs and cats.

2. Advantage For Cats And Dogs

The advantage is one of the most efficient products present in the market. Manufactured by Bayer the product is a topical solution available for all sizes of dogs and cats.

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  • Advantage contains Imidacloprid as an active ingredient
  • Kills 99% fleas and regular application of the treatment completely eradicates the fleas
  • Advantage kills 98%-100% fleas within 12 hours
  • Controls FAD because of its efficiency
  • Waterproof
  • Treatment lasts for 4 weeks.
  • Advantage can be safely used on pregnant and lactating dogs and cats

3. Capstar For Dogs And Cats

Manufactured by Elanco, Capstar is the flea treatment which kills fleas within 6 hours of the administration. It’s an oral treatment which is again popular because of its quick action ingredient.

  • Starts killing adult fleas within 15 minutes of administration.
  • Capstar kills 95-100% fleas within six hours of administration
  • Nitenpyram is an active ingredient of Capstar
  • Safe for pregnant dogs and cats
  • Specially designed for heavy flea infestations
  • Give one tablet every day to get rid of fleas totally

4. Activyl For Cats And Dogs

Activyl is a product from Merck. The flea treatment is a topical solution and is well known for its action on flea eggs and larvae which results in disruption of the flea cycle.

  • Active ingredient called Indoxacarb starts its action within 8 hours of administration.
  • Activyl lasts for a month
  • Waterproof
  • Consult your vet before using it on pregnant and lactating dogs and cats

5. Program

The program is manufactured by Novartis a very famous drug company. It is an oral treatment which completely stops flea cycle by eliminating flea eggs and larvae efficiently.

  • Lufenuron being the active ingredient kills only flea eggs and larvae
  • It does not kill adult fleas
  • Consult your vet because the use of the program in pregnant and lactating dogs and cats is not evaluated.
  • The program is active for one month.

The treatments mentioned above are almost equally effective and you can choose any one of them but before choosing any one of them please consult your vet and also pick the suitable one for your pet because that is the most important thing.

Fleas sometimes not only create havoc externally on the skin but also make your pet grumpy and irritating. So, to avoid these parasites from sucking blood and peace it is better to start a flea treatment immediately.

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