Stray Kitten Rejected by Other Cats Walks Up to Family’s Home for Help


A stray kitten who was rejected by other cats, walked up to a family for food but found so much more.

Thuy @mycatoreo_

Last month, Thuy from Canada was out feeding community cats when she noticed a new face — a little gray kitten who showed up by herself, hoping to get a share of the food.

“I kept an eye out on the cats and realized she was alone and had no mother,” Thuy told Love Meow.

The kitten tried to join the other cats but was quickly chased away. “She was chased from the back yard to the front porch by the other cats. That eventing, we heard crying at our front door, and it was her.”

No one from the neighborhood came forward to claim the kitten. The family couldn’t leave her out to fend for herself and decided to help.

Thuy @mycatoreo_

After getting some food and water, the kitten mustered up her courage and approached the door. “She kept crying as we opened our door, and she just walked right in.”

The kitty, whom they named Oreo, quickly took refuge under a couch to secure a safe spot.

Thuy @mycatoreo_

She was there overnight and barely touched her food, but things began to change the following day.

Hoping to win Oreo’s trust, Thuy got the kitten a few things that might pique her interest. The curious one poked her head out from her hiding spot when she heard some noise from the cat toys.

Thuy @mycatoreo_

Thuy laid down the gifts in front of the kitten. Instead of retreating back to her hiding place, Oreo stayed and started to inspect the toys. After a play session, she began to warm up to the family.

The kitty started to realize she no longer needed to worry and even let out her adorable little purrs.

Thuy @mycatoreo_

In the days that followed, Oreo really came around. She would follow her human mom everywhere around the house like a little shadow.

“I brought her to the vet and she doesn’t have a microchip. She is scheduled to be spayed next month,” Thuy told Love Meow.

Thuy @mycatoreo_

Once she got to know love, she couldn’t get enough of it.

Oreo crawled up in her human’s lap one day and decided that would be her new bed.

Thuy @mycatoreo_

Whenever Thuy tries to get some work done, Oreo comes running to offer some “help”.

Thuy @mycatoreo_

The once shy gray kitty is growing in size and her personality is blossoming.

Thuy @mycatoreo_

No more hiding for the little girl — now, she wakes up every day with a smile on her face.

Thuy @mycatoreo_

Follow Oreo and her adventures on Instagram.

Watch Oreo in this cute video:

Kitten comes out of her shell after rescue

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