Man Reluctant to Adopt Another Cat But Kitten Found Her Way into His Heart


A kitten charmed her way into hearts of a family after her life was turned around.

Kerry Drabish

An 8-month-old kitten was brought to Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (IBKC), a rescue group in Charleston, West Virginia, for a chance at a better life. The sweet tabby was born without a left eye or nostril, and had a bobtail and asymmetrical brain.

“We immediately fell in love with that sweet face. It was determined that her left eye did not develop and she has no nasal passage or cavity on the left,” Kathy Lucas, a board member of IBKC, told Love Meow. “She sees and breathes on her right.”

After intensive diagnostic work up to ensure that she received appropriate treatment, the veterinary team concluded that the tabby didn’t require any specialized care.

Kerry Drabish

“As one vet stated, ‘she is who she is’ and she is a sweet, trusting, petite girl with a lot of personality,” Itty Bitty Kitty Committee said.

The sweet kitty whom they named Zara, adored people from the start. As soon as she arrived in foster care, she jumped up on her bed and made herself right at home. She was the happiest and the most joyous cat when she was loved and cuddled.

Kerry Drabish

The tabby girl won over everyone at the rescue with her sweet temperament. They wanted to find her the perfect home that would understand her needs and give her a purr-filled life that she so deserved.

Kerry Drabish who was interested in adding a new addition to her family, received a message about Zara. She was instantly smitten. “My husband was reluctant to adopt another cat since we already had five at the time, but we agreed to a meet-and-greet visit,” Kerry told Love Meow.

Kerry Drabish

The sweet tabby didn’t hesitate as she made her way into their laps, as if she knew that was the family she’d been waiting for. Not even Kerry’s husband could resist her charm.

“We fell in love with her at first sight,” Kerry added.

Kerry Drabish

When they filled out the paper work to finalize the adoption, Zara, then renamed Idgie, offered a helping paw.

“She insisted on inspecting her adoption agreement to ensure all the ‘i’s’ and ‘t’s’ were dotted and crossed, then she proceeded to charm each family member and check out all the available toys,” the rescue said.

Kerry Drabish

Idgie was so brave and confident from the moment she stepped paw in her new home. After exploring every nook and cranny, she was eager to meet other feline residents. “She introduced herself to our other cats as if to say, ‘I am here to stay, and you will be my friend,'” Kerry shared.

Kerry’s husband quickly found himself a new best friend who insisted on keeping him company. Idgie would curl up in his arms or hop onto his lap when he sat down with a computer.

Kerry Drabish

“Her personality is unique. She is a very sweet, snuggly kitty but can also be mischievous.”

Idgie is a little chatterbox, especially when it’s meal time, and she is a professional cuddler. But the person that she is most connected to is her human dad. Cuddling is always in order when Dad comes home.

Kerry Drabish

“My husband who was reluctant to get another cat, is now Idgie’s favorite human, and he’s crazy about her,” Kerry told Love Meow.

Idgie may be the tiniest kitty in the family, but she has her humans wrapped around her little paws.

Kerry Drabish

The sweet tabby is loving her VIP life with the family of her dreams and all the cuddles she can get.

Kerry Drabish

Follow Idgie and her adventures on Instagram. Follow Itty Bitty Kitty Committee on Facebook and Instagram.

Watch Idgie in this cute video:

Idgie the cat

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